The Unromantic Sunset: Poma’s Delicatessan and Sunset Cliffs

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Sunset Cliffs is where you find lovers sitting close together enjoying the sun as it falls beneath the depths of the Pacific … for the most part. If you are not into (or ready for) that gushy stuff, but still want to enjoy the sunset, grab that friend who is on the relationship defining fence and a delicious sandwich. Then head down to the cliffs.

We were sitting on the couch, and by “we” I mean myself, and my “best-friend-who-is-like-a-boyfriend-but-isn’t.” He suggested that we go watch the sunset at the cliffs today. Why not, right? I figured, beautiful sunset, good-looking guy, but something was missing. Food.  I wasn’t in the mood for just anything either- I required a sandwich! As an avid sandwich lover, my heart began to pound when we drove past Poma’s in Ocean Beach … immediately I flipped the car around, double parked, went in and ordered an eggplant sandwich on a torpedo.

Poma’s fits right into Ocean Beach: it has the old-gunge feel and bright restaurant sign, plus great food. It advertises itself as an Italian Delicatessen and pulls it off very well. If you are looking for a modern sandwich, this is no place for you. The menu is classic Italian: meatball subs, mile-high torpedos, antipasto salad, garlic bread, and a wide variety of pizzas. In addition to the restaurant, they offer deli meat and cheese by the pound.

I never eat here. Why? The tables are plastic and I don’t think that they ever intended for people to sit down to eat the food, rather to tote it along with them to the beaches or the cliffs. It is a delicatessen more than it is an eatery. Oh, and make sure that you have cash on hand because they do not take debit or credit (I almost always forget this part and find myself running down the street to get money from the Wells Fargo).

Back to the story: With sandwiches in hand, we hopped back into the car and race to the cliffs to catch the sun dip under the ocean. Walking to my favorite spot on the cliffs, I look around noticing all of the couples chit-chatting, kissing, proposing, holding hands, and then I look at my guy and know that none of that will be happening today. We sit down, he hands me my sandwich, and we sit close to each other simply enjoying the beauty of companionship and the bright red sun leaving us to be with the rest of the world.

And the sandwiches of course: delicious. Mine was loaded with so much eggplant I could only finish half, while his was complex in flavor … it had every type of salami made loaded up on it along with yummy mozzarella and kalamata olives.

The next time that you find yourself hungry and in the mood to watch the sunset, don’t forget to grab a sandwich from Poma’s … and one of those friends.

Poma’s Italian Delicatessen
1846 Bacon St
(between Newport Ave & Niagara Ave)
Ocean Beach


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