San Diego’s zenith of Eggs Benedict

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Golden Egg Omelet House

Golden Egg Omelet House

I have been on a mission for a year: to find the best eggs Benedict in San Diego.

This is a personal mission that began after I suddenly concluded that the Golden Egg Omelet House in Escondido undoubtedly has the best in the entire county. There are other eateries that make ridiculous claims that they, in fact, have the best eggs Benedict. These are, at best, dubious claims (they are lies).

Our human nature will not let us be satisfied with the treasures we find: we must embark upon another quest to find treasure of equal or greater value. We are compelled — it is in our blood. It’s not that I doubt the quality of the eggs Benedict at The Golden Egg (theirs is superior to all others); I simply must know if there is something better out there. My curiosity compels me.

My efforts have served up nothing but disappointment and, simultaneously, great joy in the knowledge that my favorite breakfast spot still reigns supreme. But it’s not only the eggs Benedict that keep me coming back to the Golden Egg. There are a host of reasons why you should eat their food.

Golden Egg Omelet House

Golden Egg Omelet House

Obviously, the Golden Egg Omelet House takes great pride in their omelets. They have dozens of omelets to choose from with virtually every possible combination of breakfast meats, cheeses and vegetables — and you can concoct your own. The omelets come standard with toast but you can substitute that for fruit and cottage cheese (you can do this with the hashbrowns as well).

For the health conscious, you can ask them to use Egg Beaters instead of the eggs that normal humans eat. The Golden Egg is a restaurant not for the faint of heart and I mean that literally as well. The three-egg omelets are big and packed with calories, cholesterol and pure, concentrated satisfaction. Another local favorite is the Chili Omelet.

There is also a large selection of pancakes and waffles that are fluffy and gigantic. Before I discovered the eggs Benedict, my usual Sunday breakfast was their Sunrise combination that includes pancakes, bacon, sausage, ham, eggs and hashbrowns. The Golden Egg has a lunch menu as well that features a variety of sandwiches and their famous potato casserole: all of which are very tasty.

They have a number of adult breakfast beverages including screwdrivers, Bloody Marys and mimosas. I recommend the mimosa. The Bloody Mary is only decent and while they serve it with celery, they don’t give you any olives.

Golden Egg Omelet House

Golden Egg Omelet House

I must say a few words about the décor because it is the most common complaint I hear from people that I take to this restaurant. The inside of the Golden Egg looks like your great grandmother’s living room.

Nearly all of the decorations are handmade crafts that you can actually take off the wall and purchase. These include various dolls, wind chimes and other trinkets that you would find in an elderly person’s cluttered house. But the atmosphere created is very comfortable and welcoming.

If you’re one of those people won’t eat at restaurants because the decorations aren’t “cool” then you should stay away from the Golden Egg and, in all honesty, no one there would mind if you did.

With that said, the staff is always nice and no matter how busy the restaurant is my food has always come very quickly. My coffee mug and water cup are never empty and at about $7-$10 a plate the price is definitely reasonable.

Golden Egg Omelet House
316 W Mission Ave # 101

All photos by the author.

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