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Our first stop in our unique restaurants series was the hip, eclectic Craft & Commerce. Now let us introduce you to the charming, woodsy atmosphere in of One Door North, located in North Park.

Though some might think that themed restaurants are too kitschy and overstated, One Door North delivers their “glamping” theme in a classy, elegant manner that feels authentic and winsome. Whether you are a camping enthusiast or you have never spent the night in a tent under the stars, One Door North offers a dining experience that will transport you to a space that epitomizes all the best parts of a camping trip. 

The seating arrangements at the restaurant include three tents that can be reserved for up to 10 guests each.  Each tent is complete with an intricate juxtaposition of wood and canvas, and each is lit up by a unique outdoor chandelier. The tents each have a rustic name of their own: Mammoth Mountain, Gold Bluffs Beach, and Lake Winnepesaukee. One tent boasts a chandelier made of antlers, another has a lighting fixture crafted from driftwood that seems to be weightless and floating on its own accord, and the last is a more classic piece that puts the “glam” in glamping. The rustic arrangements in your tent will make you and your party feel as though you have found a little piece of the enchanted forest in North Park.

Not only is the atmosphere at One Door North one-of-a-kind and refreshing, the menu comes from the same minds that brought you award-winning dining from Smoking Goat. The Smoking Goat was listed in OpenTable’s “Top 100 Fit for Foodie Restaurants in America” in 2013, won San Diego Magazine’s Critic’s Pick for “Best Fries” in 2014, and was most also named “Best Neighborhood Restaurant” in San Diego Magazine’s 2015 annual “Best of” Issue. One Door North is literally one door north of the Smoking Goat location, and is equally as impressive.

The menu lists cheese and charcuterie boards to start, followed by elegant yet unpretentious entrees from the cast iron and from the grill. We recommend: Slow Cooked Wild Boar. This meat is braised in Moose Drool Brown Ale and served with cherry tomatoes, onions, and a side of mashed potatoes and broccolini.

Since “camping without beer is just sitting in the woods,” One Door North offers a hefty list of craft beers as well as cocktails. Try their Toasted Mallow cocktail if you want to stick with the theme. Made with graham, vanilla, and choco liqueur, the Toasted Mallow represents the sweetest, most flavorful camping activity.

Dining at One Door North is a truly unique experience. The restaurant pays homage to mountain adventures with its simplistic yet well delivered concept that is never stuffy and always whimsical.

Make a reservation and see for yourself! After your meal, maybe you’ll even feel inspired to head out to the woods for an adventure of your own making.

Lauren lives in OB with her French bulldog, Elvis Presley. She loves laughter and the great outdoors. You can contact her at [email protected].

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