New Deep-Fried Delights at The 2011 San Diego County Fair

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The 2011 San Diego County Fair traditionally features fantastic food, introducing unique, one-of-a-kind new taste sensations and deep-fried delights.

This year, Chicken Charlie, the King of Deep-Fry and one of the Fair’s longtime food attractions is going to debut “Fry BBQ-Ribs!”  As seen on The Food Network, Charlie deep fries lightly battered spare ribs and covers them with a spicy secret sauce.  Chicken Charlie’s other new treats include a Deep Fried Brownie, Deep Fried Girl Scout Cookies and Deep Fried Kool-Aid.

Chicken Charlie is also bringing back some of the deep fried favorites of past Fairs, such as the Krispy Kreme Chicken sandwich, the Zucchni Weenie, Totally Fried Avocados, the Deep Fried Klondike Bar and Twinkie, and Deep Fried Frog Legs.

The Del Mar Diner offers a new delicacy this year: “Cornucopia!” — deep-fried corn on the cob. They also introduce the “Hash Dog,” a crispy, golden hash brown corn dog. Also, look for their “Sweet Dog” – a sweet potato corn dog.

The Deep Fried Butter Stand also is serving up some new dishes, such as Deep Fried Pigs in a Blanket, and a Chocolate Covered Corn Dog. They also are offering up a new twist on an old favorite – their Chocolate Covered Bacon can now be served deep fried.

There are many more new delectable delights to sample. At the Mexican Funnel Cake Stand, it’s Deep Fried Baby Ruth filled Jalapeño’s. Juicy’s is serving up Deep Fried Jerky, and hungry Fair Foodies will want to try the Deep Fried Candy Kabob at Funnel Cake Express.

Other new tasty treats this year include Oven Baked Sandwiches at Pat’s Pizza, and the Calamari Stand will feature Blue Mussels.

For more information, go to www.sdfair.com and click on “What’s New.”

The 2011 San Diego County Fair’s wheels are in motion to “Race to the Fair” for 22 days starting Friday, June 10, through Monday, July 4. (The Fair will be closed the first three Mondays, June 13, 20 and 27.)

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