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From 'figatellix' via Flikr

From 'figatellix' via Flikr

Ever find yourself starving at like eleven at night, but no where worth eating (how many shrimp burritos can one girl eat in a week)!? After a late night movie, my guy friend and I decided that it wasn’t time to head home yet, but we didn’t know what to do because it was so late.

Pacific Beach was the best bet, especially on a Saturday evening. We came across the Basil Thai Kitchen, which is caddy corner (Fanuel & Garnet) to American Apparel and in the same parking lot as the 7-Eleven and a little Mexican shop (would ya believe it).  A sweet woman came out to greet us and invited us to sit anywhere, so we grabbed a table on the patio to watch the drunks fumble into the taco shop next door.

The inside was decorated with deep hues of red and many Asian antiques, but not in the cheesy sort of way, rather in a very authentic manner. The server (the same woman as before) was warm and inviting, bringing us rice cakes as a starter. The menu was simple offering a wide array of noodles, rice, appetizers, and yummy Thai tea.

I ordered the Pad Thai with Shrimp, a dish that is my staple for any Thai place … I am trying to create my own recipes and find it hard to nail the authenticity of its depth. The Pad Thai was phenomenal! Just the right amount of tamarind and spices to balance the rice noodles and shrimp. I have to admit, this is my new favorite place to eat Pad Thai because it does not have a syrupy sauce like most places.

My buddy ordered the spicy noodles with shrimp and they are not lying when they warn you that it is SPICY. The flavor was exotic and fresh, loaded with red chiles and garlic. The server was so sweet, asking if it was too spicy for Americans, and giggling because his face was so red.

For a late night Thai place, this eatery has it all: beautiful atmosphere, a great outdoor patio for people watching, an extensive yet simple menu, and superior service!

Make sure that you stop in here for lunch or a super late night meal the next time that you are in PB.

Basil Thai Kitchen
1315 Garnet Ave
Pacific Beach

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