San Diego Brewery Wins Big

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On Wednesday, July 6, Karl Strauss Brewing Company gained a huge victory in the LA International Beer Competition. This brings to their total number of medals to 8.

The group was recently winner of the title “Best Brewery” by the San Diego Chapter of the California Restaurant Association (SDCRA) at the association’s annual Gold Medallion Banquet. This has been the third year in a row they have won the title over all other breweries.

According to Brewbound News, among the competitors that battled their brews against Strauss’s were finalists Stone Brewing Co. and Ballast Point Brewing Company. The banquet was a huge success and was sold-out. Many of the attendees include local politicians, restaurant and hospitality members and even the Mayor of San Diego Mayor.

Karl Strauss is famously known for its expert brewing. The Los Angeles Commercial Beer Competition has even given them an honorable mention.

The beers that have given the company the most recognition and victorious wins have been their famous Red Trolley Ale, Tower 10 IPA, Blackball Belgian IPA, Whistler Imperial Pils, Minden Maibock, and a few others. The company has the majority of the winning beers available year-round both in bottles and on draft. Recently, Karl Strauss Brewing Company has brought home 8 more medals now from the California State and San Diego Beer Festivals.

Their famous Red Trolley Ale has already been proven to be unstoppable as it wins for them another medal, this time in gold. The company was awarded the gold medal for it at the San Diego International Beer Festival over 150 other breweries that competed. It has had previous success last year as well. In 2010, the Red Trolley Ale captured two gold medals from the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival, Silver at the L.A. County Fair, and Bronze at the San Diego International Beer Festival.

This year Karl Strauss is gaining lots of success for its beers. They have even gained a huge victory at the California State Fair Commercial Competition where each the seven beers entered proved triumphant in receiving either a medal or honorable mention. Karl Strauss’s Brewmaster, Paul Segura, stated in the company’s press release, “This has already been an exciting awards season for us, and these additional wins give us a lot of energy as we gear up for the busy summer season.”

Let’s hope that they gain even more victories in the months to come. Wonder what new delectable brew will bring them another medal.

Photos courtesy of Karl Strauss Brewing Company

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