Hungry? Check Out These Latest Food Trends

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Every year we see new food trends, with some being a totally weird and others being totally amazing. Either way, we sure love our food, and these food trends are sure to make you hungry by the time you finish reading this article.


Avocado toast

Shaping up to be one of the hottest, and sometimes unreasonably expensive, is avocado toast! Avocado toast is a favorite choice of the brunch loving crowd as well a perfect and easy option for breakfast. Before avocado toast was a simple way to spice up a boring piece of tojast, but now creative types have begun much more on it to make for an amazing meal. People can’t seem to get enough of this combination, and some restaurants are capitalizing on it. Some brunch places have begun pricing their specialized avocado toast at over $12, and it hasn’t stopped people from buying it. So what’s so special about it? Brunch lover Arelli Tickman said, “It’s the perfect combination. The bread is perfectly complimented by the creamy avocado, and I usually put my own spin on it by adding goat cheese and a little bit of bacon”. Though avocado toast has become wildly popular, the price of the key ingredient, avocado, often fluctuates, and can make it quite expensive at times. If you want to try making your avocado toast, check out these unique recipes.


If you’ve ever found yourself cold and gloomy on a rainy day, then the perfect food to perk you up could be Pho. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup that can be added with all sorts of ingredients to make it quite a hearty soup. This soup has become increasingly popular, especially during the cold months of the year. What makes this soup trend so popular is pho is low in fat, sodium, and contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals, making it a healthy option. More importantly, it tastes absolutely amazing. Any spice or meat that is added to this soup is soaked up quite well, and gives a wide range of flavor. So why is this trend taking over in southern California? Brittany Schwenk, a local college student, said, “My friends and I love getting pho when the weather gets colder. It warms us up but is also a filling meal that is worth our money.” If you want to try pho, Chefs Pho in North County is a good choice.

Everyone loves a plate of buffalo wings, especially while watching sports. But a new way to get that spicy and tangy buffalo flavor is gaining popularity. Buffalo fries are becoming increasingly popular, and gives you the option to enjoy a basket of fries smothered with buffalo sauce, blue cheese, chicken, and cheese. It’s as if you’re getting all the best foods combined into one basket. The combination of buffalo sauce and french fries is perfect, and leaves you completely satisfied. Another reason people seem to love buffalo fries so much is it is much less messy experience when eating, and when it’s done, your hands are spared from a thorough cleaning. If you’re interested in trying them, the popular wing joint Wings-N-Things offers them with your choice in how hot you want them.

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