Foie gras ban lifted – Kitchen 4140 to host 6-course dining event created by Chef Daniel Barron

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Following the lift of the controversial foie gras ban in California, farm-to-table restaurant Kitchen 4140 will host an event created by created by Chef Daniel Barron (previously the Executive Chef of La Valencia) that will showcase the skills of twelve San Diego chefs during a prix fixe foie gras dinner.

Approximately 40 lucky foodies will be privy to this collaboration of culinary talent in teams of two for each course for a total of 6-7 courses. Ticket proceeds will benefit Collaboration Kitchen.

Each course will be created by a pair of enthusiastic chefs. Participating chefs include Kitchen 4140’s Chef Kurt Metzger along with chefs from across San Diego. Chefs are staying silent about the details of each course, though the talented dozen have revealed that every plate—even dessert—will creatively incorporate foie gras.

kitchen 4140“What better way to simultaneously celebrate foie gras and our community’s culinary scene than gathering together some of the city’s most dedicated chefs and offering this prix fixe dinner?” said Chef Kurt Metzger, Owner and Executive Chef of Kitchen 4140.

The sale of foie gras was previously banned in California after much debate; however, this ban was lifted by U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson on January 7, 2015. Immediately following the lift of the ban, several San Diego chefs showed interest in reintroducing the delicacy to their menus. The prix fixe dinner at Kitchen 4140 on February 2 will be the first of its kind in San Diego since the lift of the ban.  For foie lovers, the $150 price tag is extremely reasonable. The event is a must-attend for those who enjoy this culinary treat.

Tickets may be purchased here.

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