Find the best wine – with your iPhone!

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WineFinderCreators of the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival have launched its “Tasting Room Finder” iPhone application. The application is the ultimate wine traveler’s guide to wine tasting rooms around the country, said Ken Loyst, partner at Fast Forward Ventures, the management arm of World of Wine Events, LLC.

“Wine enthusiasts can now travel the United States with the most indispensable wine tasting guide at their fingertips,” adds Loyst. “Whether you are in the heart of Napa Valley, or in the middle of the nation, the ‘Tasting Room Finder’ application brings wine country to you, with a complete wine collection feature, and an exceptional locator that makes connecting with winery tasting rooms a cinch. Unlike any other iPhone application on the market today, ‘Tasting Room Finder’ allows travelers the luxury of effortlessly mapping and planning a wine tasting experience directly on their iPhones, and collect wine data, including an instance photo of the label, in the ‘My Wines’ feature.”

“Tasting Room Finder” will be available soon for download at the iPhone App Store for $4.99.

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