Looking for that Extraordinary Valentine’s Day Idea?

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Photo from VirtualEm via Flikr

Photo from VirtualEm via Flikr

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and money still, well tight, coming up with an original date idea can be daunting and, face it, intimidating. And while a walk down San Diego’s beaches offers lovers romantic sceneries and perfect photo-ops, why not add a little delicious, affordable, pizzazz to that special day?

Karen Krasne’s Extraordinary Desserts offers couples the perfect, affordable setting, to intimately connect and oh yea eat amazing dessert! With locations in Balboa Park and Little Italy the widely acclaimed dessert restaurant offers a wide variety of decadent sweets that range from “dark chocolate tea cookies with organic pecans” to “berry devonshire tarts,”there is no doubt a dessert to satisfy every palate.

While I can talk for days about the fresh, exotic, savory flavors, and I can, the truly remarkable experience that comes from eating at Extraordinary Dessert’s is that every dessert is arranged not only for your eating but viewing pleasure.

Whether the dessert is drenched in chocolate or stacked with fresh fruit, it is beautifully decorated with fresh (edible) flowers and gold encrusted chocolate. And while people normally fight over who will get the cake slice with the frosted flower, every single piece at Extraordinary Desserts is just as beautiful as its whole counterpart.

Photo from Marcin Wichary via Flikr

Photo from Marcin Wichary via Flikr

Not only are you offered a wide assortment of dessert options but also some of the most exotic teas you’ve ever seen and tasted. Guest’s have their pick from assorted herbal teas from China, Japan, and India that include names like “Sencha Lullaby,” “My Sugarplum” or caffeine free “Lovergirl.” Each tea is beautifully served in loose leaf pots tea pots, complementing any dessert. And if tea is not your “thing” Extraordinary Desserts also offers bold coffee/espresso creations that are only brewed upon request, guaranteeing freshness and exquisite taste.

The ambiance of the location undeniably adds to the beauty of these gourmet desserts and exotic beverages. Specifically, the San Diego’s Little Italy Extraordinary Desserts, which at a glance resembles a posh night club, is gorgeous with its signature modern décor. Clean, filled with romantic candelight, and private, guests are first greeted by a vast display of delectable desserts. Once deciding on a dessert (don’t worry they’re patient with you) you’re seated and handed menus in case you wish to start your meal with one of their salads, paninis, or humus platters (which are also amazing, by the way).

Photo from VirtualErn via Flikr

Photo from VirtualErn via Flikr

Chef and founder Karen Krasne has clearly drawn inspiration from her travels around the world which is not only evident in her delicious desserts, teas, and food but also her wide assortment of merchandise and collectibles. It is delightfully surprising to find a Japanese inspired Haiku book for toddlers at restaurant like this.

Overall this amazing experience is well worth the trip, offering guests amazing tastes, a serene ambiance, and incredible prices (all dessert are well in the $5-$12 range). Extraordinary Desserts is always available for reservations and stays open until 11pm Monday-Thursday and Sundays and stays open until midnight Fridays and Saturdays. Here’s hoping you all have a romantic, delicious, and affordable Valentine’s Day. Cheers!


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