California’s Favorite Holiday Cookie (with recipes)

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According to Google search trends, California has a huge favorite in the holiday cookie department. To help you plan for your holiday baking, we’ve listed them (from least popular to most) and included recipes for you to try.

#5 Holiday Cookie: Oatmeal Raisin

With 1% of the search volume, the oatmeal raisin cookie makes the list at number 5. These chewy, sweet, and dare-we-say “healthy” treat are a great option. Add a little cinnamon for more holiday flair. Or, what bout adding some chocolate chips? That should coax the chocolate chip cookie lovers to the table.

Try this recipe from Paula Dean or this 4.5 star recipe via All Recipes.

#4 Holiday Cookie: Snickerdoodle

With 7% of the search volume in California, the snickerdoodle  makes the list at number 4. This light and fluffy cinnamon-sugar cookie is great with coffee or hot cocoa. They’re pretty easy to make and don’t require a ton of ingredients, so they’re a great option for Santa (or his helpers).

Try one of these great recipes from The Pioneer Woman blog or Bettycrocker.


#3 Holiday Cookie: Sugar Cookies

With 13% of the search volume, sugar cookies make the list at number 3. Not only are they a sweet treat, but they can be cut into any number of shapes, decorated with frosting, and can even be used as decorations on your tree or around your house. Just watch out for fido if you hang them too low… Share the love of baking and make these treats a little project with the kiddos.

Try an Easy Sugar Cookie Recipe or get scientific with Alton Brown.

#2 Holiday Cookie: Chocolate Chip

With 25% of California’s cookie-related search volume, the classic chocolate chip cookie is comfortably at number 2. Do you like them chewy or crunchy? chips or chunks? Either way you make ’em, there sure to be a hit. For optimal enjoyment, enjoy right out of the oven with a cold glass of milk. Leave some out for Santa and he’ll surely leave you the best presents off your list.

You can’t go wrong with the Original NESTLÉ® Toll House Recipe. Or break the tradition a little something from Martha Stewart.

…and the winner is….

#1 Holiday Cookie: Gingerbread

With a landslide victory in terms of search volume, gingerbread get’s the top spot. Now, this isn’t a super-scientific study, but dare we say there may be some foul play here. Gingerbread cookies are often times baked differently than gingerbread for houses. And when it comes to actual ginger bread, you get into a whole other ball game. Perhaps Google’s results are a little misleading, but still an interesting experiment. Right?

Make cookies with this recipe. Make a gingerbread house with this one. Or bake some tasty ginger bread with this recipe.

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