Best Brussels Sprout Recipes

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Brussels sprouts were the vegetable we loved to hate as children. Perhaps the smell of brussels sprouts was the problem when we were kids. Brussels sprouts are rich in hydrogen sulfide gas and when heat is added, the gases escape, and out comes the odor that is disliked by many. Now that we’re older and wiser, we recognize the health benefits of brussels sprouts and we can add them to adventurous dishes that are prepared to our liking. Benefits of eating brussels sprouts include high levels of Vitamin K, which promotes strong bones. The vitamin C content is also high in brussels sprouts, with a 125 percent daily value per serving.

There are a lot of different ways to prepare brussels sprouts. You can keep them healthy by serving them in a dish with proteins and other veggies, or you can add bacon and other goodies to turn them into a decadent snack.

Chicken, Apple, Sweet Potato, & Brussels Sprout Skillet

If you want to keep things healthy but also want to enjoy a filling meal that feels like comfort food, try this recipe. The preparation is easy (all you have to do is combine the ingredients in a skillet) and everything involved is healthy. The recipe calls for veggies, fruit, and healthy proteins, and it serves 4 people. Another benefit of this recipe besides its nutritional value is the fact that is a main course. Typically, recipes that feature brussels sprouts are side dishes, whereas this is a meal in itself.

Cheesy Garlic Brussel Sprout Bake

If you’re a lover of cheese, this one’s for you. This recipe is loaded with cheese and garlic, and it only takes half an hour to make! It’s creamy and rich, and each serving is under 140 calories. This is a great recipe for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to fuss over dinner, but still wants to enjoy a hearty dish. The recipe calls for gruyere cheese, but you can substitute one of your choosing.

Brussel Sprouts, Cranberry, and Quinoa Salad

Most brussels sprout recipes calls for the vegetable to be halved or quartered. But have you ever tried shaved brussels sprouts? If you eat the vegetable raw, it actually retains more of its nutritional value. This is the perfect recipe to do just that. The salad combines brussels sprouts with other super foods for a healthy, refreshing dish. The dressing is a citrusy orange vinaigrette and it’s perfect for spring and summer.

Garlic & White Wine Pasta with Brussels Sprouts

This recipe combines brussels sprouts with pasta and gives you the best of both worlds. Pasta dishes are great after a long day when you’re in need of some comfort food. Adding brussels sprouts takes care of your vegetable quota and helps ease your conscience. This recipe is creamy, cheesy, and hearty. Also, who doesn’t love cooking with wine? Sounds like a perfect excuse to have a glass or two.

Candied Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

We have one word for you: Bacon. If you don’t know by now how perfectly brussels sprouts pair with bacon, then you should head to the kitchen and try out this recipe. This is one of those dishes that isn’t too concerned with the nutritional value of the vegetable, but you’ll want to try it anyway. The ingredients include candied bacon and maple syrup, so technically this decadent dish can be eaten as a part of breakfast or dessert. The recipe is adventurous and unique, and we hope you enjoy it!

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