Vicki Lawrence and Mama’s Two Woman Show

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vickiWelk Resorts Theatre hosts Vicki Lawrence and Mama, a two woman show, Jan. 27-30.

Her motto proclaims, “Life is much too serious to be taken seriously!” Vicki Lawrence thrilled us on the “boob tube” with her 11 seasons on The Carol Burnett Show followed by six seasons on her own sitcom, Mama’s Family. Welk’s LIVE show chronicles those remarkable years and beyond by allowing Vicki to sing and do stand-up comedy, while also performing as Mama, the cranky, acid-tongued curmudgeon with politically incorrect observations about life.

Both Vicki and Mama ought to spin you out of life’s doldrums and ensure that you can appreciate the true place of a woman in a man’s world!

Vicki Lawrence and Mama
Special performance at the Welk Resorts Theatre

Jan. 27-30
Tickets: $65

Welk Resorts Theatre, 8860 Lawrence Welk Drive (In Escondido)
Box Office: (888) 89207469


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