The Simpsons…in Playboy?

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Well it’s official San Diego, Marge Simpson, the infamous character in the hit cartoon that has been airing for over 20 seasons is going to be featured in Playboy.

Provided by 'El Enigma' via Flickr

Provided by 'El Enigma' via Flickr

Set to hit the stands on on Oct. 16, the move by The Playboy industry is set to boost the dwindling readership that they have experienced over the past few months. Playboy has played a huge role in many of our lives and has even become a part of our culture. It was only inevitable that something like this would happen within the 21st century.

Instead of looking it as an exploitation of an already dwindling market, the choice to put Marge in the magazine is more of a statement of the iconic status that The Simpsons have reached. One can even say the cartoon has become a symbol of American culture.  The famous cartoon has been airing on The Fox network for over 20 years now and its place in TV history is unquestionable.

The satirical nature of every episode has brought laughs to the hearts and minds of every San Diegan in this city, as well as around the nation and even the world. Matt Groening, the creator of the hit show, couldn’t have imagined the overwhelming success of the program. Now it’s success is solidified with a two page feature of the sexy, raspy voiced, blue haired mother of the show, or more commonly known as Marge.

Marge has been putting up with the antics of Homer and Bart for years now, her role in the Oct.16 issue of Playboy is well deserved and a great ploy to get people to purchase the issue from news stands around the nation. 7- Eleven has even agreed to place the magazine on 1,200 of its corporately owned stores. Quoted in the Associated Press, spokesman Margaret Charbris said “We love Marge,” which is why most of the 7-Eleven stores around the country will be featuring the special issue.

Marge is special, and this issue from Playboy will also undoubtedly be as special. Playboy has had some of America’s most iconic women grace the ink colored pages of its publication. Now, with Marge Simpson coming to the stage, Playboy has turned in a direction that most would not suspect, but will unequivocally love.

Playboy issues have become collector items, and this Simpson issue is no different. The unique idea will most assuredly make the issue a collectors item for any Playboy enthusiast, and even for those who don’t collect Playboy. The thought of Marge Simpson in Playboy just makes it something that one must see, no has to see.

So San Diego, remember all that the Simpsons have given us, now they are giving us a little more. It is a great ploy to get people to buy the issue, but it is also ingenious in the way it has touched on the hearts of the American public. Simpsons are our buddies, they make us laugh, look at things differently, and we have embraced them as a part of America.

The issue is hitting stands everywhere on Oct.16 and will have Marge on the front of it covered by the iconic Playboy symbol.

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