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YouTube is home to a gold mine of spectacular short films showcasing a broad range of talent from actors and filmmakers, most of them relatively unknown. From independent studios to creative-minded people who decided to pick up a camera, check out these stunning short films on YouTube.

Gregory Go Boom

Featuring the charmingly awkward yet effortlessly talented Michael Cera, this can be counted as one of his performance. Cera plays a wheelchair-bound paraplegic who is searching for love by going on blind dates that turn about to be, you guessed it… awkward. Upon hooking up with one of his dates, her violent ex-boyfriend shows up, and things take a turn for the worse. Gregory Go Boom took home the top prize for short films at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Space Between Us

A visually striking film that finds the world struggling to persist after the environment has become extremely polluted. With humankind struggling to prosper, the key to the world’s survival may be held by a peculiar humanoid sea creature. The short film deftly explores the theme of self-sacrifice and is a telling story that forewarns of a future we may heading towards all too quickly.


This older short film features a very young Vin Diesel, as he portrays a mixed-race actor that is struggling to find work in New York in the 1990s. He auditions for a variety of roles but is shrugged off due to his multi-faceted heritage. Vin Diesel expresses of a range of acting that is seldom seen in his usual films. Upon releasing this short film, Diesel picked up the attention of Steven Spielberg, who ended up casting him in Saving Private Ryan and starting his successful acting career.

The Gunfighter

Shot with traditional westerns in mind, The Gunfighter follows the story of a lone gunfighter who walks into a saloon weary and simply looking for a drink. The narrator, voiced by Nick Offerman, begins to narrate the story, but it turns out everyone can hear him. This short film is certainly unique,  putting a fun spin on the western genre that will have you laughing.


This Oscar-winning short film shows that communication can be tough, as a man who deals with deals with a crippling stutter begins to feel increasingly isolated from the rest of the world. His one saving grace? A flourishing online relationship with a woman who is unaware of his stutter. However, upon being faced with the proposition of meeting his online confidant, he is confronted with the problem of having to reveal the truth about himself.

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