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The Comedy Palace – A San Diego Gem

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Comedy Palace LogoIt’s a Friday night in sunny San Diego and you are in the mood for some comedic entertainment. You wonder to yourself, “Where could I go, and how can I get some chuckles in?”

You began to peruse the Internet for local comedy clubs in the greater San Diego region. Through your search you come across two venues, one which is more widely known among San Diegans as The Comedy Store in La Jolla, then another which you are not to familiar with, The Comedy Palace in Kearny Mesa.

The Comedy Club prices are a little steep and they don’t feature as many comedians as the Comedy Palace. Your curiosity along with the deep hole in your wallet leans you towards the Comedy Palace.

Looking up the information you see that it is located on 8878 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard right off the 163 Highway. You book your seats, invite a friend, and head on your merry way with high expectations.

Upon your arrival you notice that the Comedy Palace is located right next to Traffic Court, and your conditioned mind begins to wander. “Oh god, did I forget to pay a ticket? Will the cops be in there sucking all the laughs out of the room with their authoritarian presence? Will this even be funny? Or is it just a sting operation to get me too drunk and arrest me?”

Despite all your pre-conceived notions you valiantly push through the rants of your sub-conscious and park.

Exiting the vehicle you see there is a line outside the establishment and you immediately get in it. From all your current experiences with lines and waiting, you often leap to the thought that this is another “Death Line,” a line which is so slow and tedious that it sucks all the fun out of you, and once you finally get in to the event your so pissed you cant even think straight. Just then the colossal line begins to sway forward, and as soon as you got there, bam, you’re in.

Sitting down the room begins to fill with young and old faces alike. Your ears fill with chatter and then you hear the faint request of a cocktail waitresses and she says, “Would you like anything to drink?” Once the drinks are ordered she smiles and turns. You watch her vanish in the distance knowing that she is on a valiant quest to fetch the much-needed lubricant for your mind. Just as soon as she goes, wham, the cold-frosty glass of beauty hits your table. You think to yourself, “the force is strong with this one, her metachlorian count must be off the charts!”

Slowly sipping away your dignity, you notice that the lights are dimming and the music is tuning down. Like a moth to a flame, you focus your attention center stage.

A man approaches the stage takes the microphone and says “How you feeling San Diego!”

The crowd retorts with mumbled grunts and chants reminiscent of primitive man during copulation.

The man yells back, “Come on I know you can do better then that. How you doing San Diego?” The crowd responds once again. This time it’s a much louder coherent response, which is much more suitable for the man on stage.

After the icebreaker, the show begins. Boom! Right off the bat the comedy is amazing. Each comedian puts on a show worthy of notoriety. Filled with butt-busting one-liners, satirical commentary, and beautifully written comedy. The Comedy Palace is just that, a Palace, whose walls are guarded by the Knights of the San Diego Comedic Roundtable.

After the comedic offensive is over you sit back and marvel at the amazing comedy you just witnessed. Gathering your thoughts and wrenching in pain from all the laughter you get up to leave. As you leave there is not one negative thing you can say about the place, other then it was too good, and so funny that you worked out your abs for over two hours and it hurts to laugh anymore.

The Comedy Palace is not only a place of true, pure comedy, but it is also a San Diego affiliated comedic venue. All the comedians were born and raised in San Diego, and come back to do shows there.

Since its beginning twenty years ago, the Palace has been harboring many great comedic shows, but it was only ten or so years ago that it started to dedicate its heart and soul to San Diego comedians and showcasing their abilities.

So if you’re ever in the mood for some good laughs, along with great service, check out The Comedy Palace off of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard. It will be a night you will love and not forget.

The Comedy Palace
8878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
Kearny Mesa
Tickets: $25, $15 military/senior citizens

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