Twitter to launch listening party with the Used

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Provided by 'mfilej' via Flickr

Provided by 'mfilej' via Flickr

Well all you tweed, twating, twiting, twitterholics, there is good news for you on the front of the craze that is Twitter. According to Reprise Records, The Used will be launching a revolutionary publicity stunt known as 24-hour-tweet-for-a-ticket.

Taking place on Monday, August 31, the idea incorporates a personal, digital concert for you on your own Twitter account. Users will be able to hear for the very first time in history, an album pushed through the ports of their computer via Twitter. According to the press-release from Reprise Records, they say “that The Used will be rocking the Twitter-sphere”.

You may be asking yourself, how does one gain access to this?

In order to obtain the first album played via Twitter one has to sign up, and one tweet gets you in. Then you’re graced by the presence of sweet, melodic tunes from the band The Used. This concept was developed by Warner Bros. Records and Culture Jam Labs as another utilization of the internet medium. Growing trends in MySpace, Facebook, and now Twitter have made the internet a foreground for new and innovative techniques to market and publicize both bands and websites.

The album streamed live on Twitter for one tweet, is another example of the conglomeration among internet programs and music companies. By pushing the band via Twitter, both sides look to gain from the partnership. The 24-hour-tweet-for-a-ticket idea is the first of its kind, and will be a test for the venture.

Twitter’s growing popularity will most likely produce a positive outcome for the event, and the future of Twitter as a musical medium will begin. The tweeting world is evolving and it looks like it is just the beginning.

Remember when Twitter first came out, the news, friends, people, everyone was caught in the Twitter twister (say that five times). The whole world was tweet this, tweet that, “Oh man, I’m tweeting my brains out right now!” No one was safe from the tidal wave of publicity that took over our country and eventually the world.

Next thing you know, celebrities got into it and boom! The monster that was Twitter morphed into its final stage of metamorphosis. Ben Affleck was tweeting he missed J-Lo, Matt Damon and The Film Actors Guild damned Team America, and Perez Hilton was making triple cheese sandwiches on the toilet. Everyone was into it and the world succumbed to the Twitter brain wash.

Now it is so big they are streaming albums, at the price of one “tweet”. What does twitter have a currency now?

Twitter is scary, is it taking over the world with Google one Twioogle at a time. We may never know, but with 24-hour-tweet-for-a-ticket things are definitely going good for them, but maybe not so good for humanity.

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