The EC Twins: Interview with the San Diego Entertainer

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The Entertainer was given the opportunity to interview  the house music mavericks, the EC Twins, after their tremendous set at Hard Rock’s Intervention Sundays and talk about their new single, “Say Yes” that releases today.

Hard Rock’s Intervention on Sunday took “day drinking” to a whole new level.  Bouncers kept strict surveillance on the entrance as party-hungry, bikini-clad attendees crowded the red-roped lines.  Wristbands were necessary to enter and the wait in line was well worth it.

Intervention was graced with a live performance of the uber-talented and exceptionally handsome UK natives, the EC Twins, on May 15th.  Marc and Allister Blackham began their careers at 16 as DJs at Edinburgh’s house music mecca, Eye Candy.

More than appropriately named, the twin brothers brought their enormous talent to LA in 2005 and have been surpassing the competition ever since.  They have performed for well-known festivals including the Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Fest and the Winter Music Conference, and hold residencies at Las Vegas’ Marquee, New York’s Lavo and Miami’s Liv.

With an unrivaled ability to mix heart pumping house music for the masses, the EC Twins have no one to outshine but themselves.

EC Twins Exclusive Interview with the San Diego Entertainer

SD Entertainer: You are considered to be very influential in the electro music industry. How do you think you’ve changed the electro sound?

EC Twins: When we came to LA, the radio didn’t represent house music.  The house sound stopped evolving in the US while it continued morphing and changing all over Europe.  There was never enough of an image in America.

SD Entertainer: What do you think stopped its transformation in the US?

EC Twins: People were afraid of change.  Electro is constantly morphing and evoking change. Everyone was trying to define the electro genre but it couldn’t be pigeonholed.  It was time for the US to embrace a brand new turn.  We try to stay ahead of the evolution.

SD Entertainer: You were both incredible on stage. In a club setting it’s all about performance. How do you guys interact on stage together?

EC Twins: We have been immersed in music together all our lives.  We grew up with our father and punk rocker cousin who instilled in us Manchester influences.  It was as if a rave exploded in our backyard.  We draw on those influences and have worked on music together ever since.

SD Entertainer: Do you have specific duties or roles while performing?

EC Twins (Marc): You know the man with the monkey on the street? I (Marc) am the grinder, and Allister is the monkey with symbols and a hat.

SD Entertainer: What new remixes or projects are you working on?

EC Twins: Our new single, “Say Yes”, is coming out on May 24 through Uno Records.  You can get it on

SD Entertainer: Good luck with your new single. You’ve officially converted me to house music love.

You can watch a video of their San Diego performance at Intervention below:

Their new single, “Say Yes,” is available today at  Their other remixes such as “Scream,”” I Wanted,””Doing It Well” and “Little White Doves” are available for download as well.

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