Sacha Boutros brings back the golden age of Hollywood

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Sacha Boutros

Sacha Boutros

The golden age of Hollywood has long since passed, but jazz musician Sacha Boutros is determined to bring it back, and with her talent she may very well have you convinced. The San Diego native grew up singing in a church setting where she would sing harmonies with her grandfather whom, aside from Nancy Wilson, she remains most inspired by.

Sacha’s love for music was innate, as her mother reminiscently recalled “she has been singing from the time she was two years old.” With a very traditional upbringing, school was of the highest priority and singing was viewed as a hobby not an obtainable or viable career.

Attending the University of San Diego on both academic and athletic scholarships, Sacha excelled not only in Tennis and Soccer but academia as well. It wasn’t until her late teens that she even realized her own voice. Shortly thereafter, and with her families support she had decided to take her life in the direction of her passion.”I left and flipped over to music…I always felt like I was born in the wrong time, growing up, I loved Sinatra, the 30’s and 40’s, and that whole golden age of Hollywood. I always fantasized about the music and living in that time.” Needless to say she began singing, and was doing so professionally by the age of 20.

Not afraid or opposed to take the business side of things into her own hands, Sacha not only has the title singer, composer and producer, but handles the negotiations, budgeting and advertising for all of her shows. “I enjoy doing it all. I continue to wear the hat backstage as well, but the best thing is just making music.”

With fluency in 5 languages and the ability to sing in 7, the goal of appealing to all audiences with her ‘pop/jazz’ style seems quite obtainable. She wanted to be sure “there’s a song for everybody” and there definitely is – “Estate” is mine.

Sacha’s music career, while definitely on the continual rise, has been quite successful thus far and the list of accomplishments quite long. From currently ranking 7th in japan for the top 10 jazz albums of the year to sold out shows in Hawaii, and being one of only two selected candidates to represent the United States for the world’s youngest jazz musicians is quite significant.

Yet despite the list of achievements she remains humble and very thankful. “You see this path that the universe is pointing you towards. I followed it and realized this is what I’m supposed to do…I feel so blessed.”

I feel confident saying Sacha Boutros could sing the phonebook and her energy, charisma and talent would without a doubt envelop the crowd. Although inspired by an era past, she is able to bring it back to life in her very own unique and beautiful way.

For an evening filled with fine music, log on to You can also catch her live hosting “Sacha Sundays” every Sunday evening from 6-9pm at Bing Crosby’s in San Diego (my personal favorite, the setting is intimate and the seating is great!).

“The Steve and Eydie” set includes duets with Daniel Feldman at the Bing Crosby’s in the desert every other Saturday. And for those of you traveling, you can catch her playing the Rrazz room March 2 in San Francisco. Wishing you an evening of musical bliss!

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