Music Video: “Kids” by MGMT [dir. Ray Tintori]

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Like some kind of nightmare borne from a Terry Gilliam flick and an episode of Pee-wee’s Playhouse viewed on acid, comes the official video from MGMT for “Kids.” Now, if you haven’t seen or heard anything about the video, maybe you should just watch it. But, here are some delightful pull-quotes from people who have: “…a six-minute video starring Joanna Newsom as a mom who totes around a toddler who sees monsters worthy of GWAR’s percussion section everywhere he looks” (Rolling Stone blog), “MGMT promise no children were harmed in the making of this video. I think the kid’s therapist will have to confirm that in twenty years” (Stereogum), and last (but not least) the reaction from Fox News. Enough? Take a look for yourselves.

MGMT have a few summer dates, at which you may catch the madness live:

9 June | THE VILLAGE – (Little Rock, AR)
11 June | MINGLEWOOD HALL – (Memphis, TN)
13 June | BONNAROO FESTIVAL – (Manchester, TN)
1 July | PROSPECT PARK – (Brooklyn, NY)
2 August | ALL POINTS WEST FESTIVAL – (Liberty State Park, NJ)

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