Montgomery Gentry to Perform in San Diego

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The yin and yang country duo is back and ready to rock the house in San Diego.

Montgomery Gentry,  the dynamic country duo, will be performing on Sunday, November 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the California Center of the Arts in Escondido and its patrons are sure to be in for a special treat. Montgomery Gentry is a band that has sharpened and refined the country music genre.

The acclaimed due has certainly been accustomed to the country music awards scene, winning Favorite New Artist at the American Music Awards (AMA), Top New Vocal Duo at the Academy of Country Music (ACM) and Vocal Duo of the Year by the Country Music Association (CMA) in 2000.

To go along with what may be considered a surfeit amount of accolades, Montgomery Gentry -which is an assimilation of the last names for Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry- have etched their name onto the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts with hits like: “If You Ever Stop Loving Me,” “Something to Be Proud Of,” “Lucky Man,” “Roll with Me” and “When I knew It All” to name a few.

But the successes don’t stop there. Since then, the band has been nominated every year for multiple awards by the CMA, ACM and AMA.

Unlike many other bands, this one has an intriguing past and deep roots.

In the early 90’s, Eddie Montgomery formed a band named ‘Early Tymz’ that was composed of Troy Gentry and John Michael Montgomery—his younger brother. After the band split, the former pursued a solo career and earned legitimate awards such as the Jim Beam National Talent Contest. Eventually, Gentry reunited with Eddie Montgomery and formed a duo band named ‘Deuce.’  From there, the band was renamed Montgomery Gentry in 1999 before signing to a major record label named Columbia Records.

One of the attributable characteristics of the band has been the polarizing, yet synthetic blend of their musical approaches and personalities. This has allowed them to effectively brand their image for over 15 years in the music business.

“It’s a chemistry that’s worked for years. We have two separate singing styles that when they come together, they’re very identifiable,” said Troy Gentry on their website. “It doesn’t get old or get sterile. The back and forth between our vocals definitely keeps you listening and keeps you interested in the song.”

Their most recent album, “Folks Like Us”, gets at the heart of an nostalgic homage to the good old days of two close friends, and the recounting of the rural lifestyle in the Midwest. Perhaps the most recognizable songs to these undertones can be found in the lyrical complexity of “Folks Like Us,” and “Two Old Friends,” with the former denoting their flagship song for their newest album.

Since the early 2000’s, Montgomery Gentry has released albums at a dampened rate, with the most recent one coming after a four-year publication hiatus.

The highly touted band will take a pit-stop in San Diego before embarking to the Grizzly Rose in Denver, Colorado. This concert will mark their last performance in San Diego for the rest of the year.

Tickets are still on sale and can be purchased here:

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