Lil Wayne “Green and Yellow”

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Lil Wayne, infamous rapper and Green Bay Packer’s fan, has released a new song called “Green and Yellow.” The song is adapted from the Wiz Khalifa song repping the Steeler, “Black and Yellow.”

Lil Wayne – Green And Yellow by uristocrat

Lil_Wayne from Ryan Dombal via WikimediaJust in time for the Super Bowl XLV where the Packers and Steelers will battle it out, it seems Wayne and Wiz Khalifa are also in a bit of a battle. While Wiz’s song is thought to be a fan song for the Pittsburg Steelers, the lyrics don’t really talk about football. Lil Wayne’s lyrics do.

Lil Wayne’s lyrics include:

“I put it down, representin’ for my team
I’m in green and yellow…”

“Money green, yellow broad
Aaron Rodgers, MVP award
This is Green Bay, b***h we go hard
This is Packer Country, where your green card?”

Uh-huh, you know what it is
I’m a Cheesehead, y’all n*** Cheese Whiz”

“Got a call from my homie, this just in
The Packers in the Super Bowl and they better win
They call him Big Ben, but he weak, though
We in Dallas, but we Lambeau Leap, ho
Long hair, don’t care, Clay Matthews”

“Uh-huh, you know what it is
I’m a Cheesehead, y’all niggas Cheese Whiz
Pittsburgh Steelers, that’s nothin’
That Super Bowl ring, that’s stuntin’”

“Yeah, like I said, this ain’t a diss song
I just love my team
That’s the team with them big Gs on the helmet
You know what it is”

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