Kanye West Strikes Again… At the VMAs

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This time country music star, Taylor Swift was the target of Kanye’s unusual antics.

Kanye went about it with the subtlety of a fart in church. Taylor Swift, who had won the MTV VMA Award for Best Female Video, was interrupted mid speech by the “lyrical wordsmiff” himself. Kanye came on stage during her speech, took the mic from Swift, and continued to tell everybody how Beyonce’s video was superior to hers.

It was harsh, you could see the embarrassment welling up behind the tears in Taylor’s eyes. Lucky for everyone, Beyonce was “classy” enough to forfeit her stage time to Swift so that she could finish her curtailed speech.

This is not Kanye’s first outburst at an awards show. You might remember a few years back, when the Kanye went on a rant about how GW “does not care about black people” at the 2005 Grammy’s.

I would chalk this up to a publicity stunt, but I can’t believe a self-proclaimed genius would think that ambushing a winner’s speech was a good idea. I’d chalk it up to the subtle idiosyncrasies of rap culture in general.

A member of our staff has recently written a couple pieces titled, “Why America,” prompting the question, why do certain celebrities have the celebrity that they do? I would like to officially add Kanye West to that list. Why the hell is Kanye West famous? Does anyone give a crap what Kanye West thinks? And how the hell does he keep getting stage access at awards shows?

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