DJ AM found dead – drugs are not ruled out

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We are regretful to cover the news that DJ AM was found dead last night Friday, August 28th 2009. The well known and appreciated disc jockey was just 36 years old.

RIP DJ AM (Provided by Bucky Steel via Flickr)

RIP DJ AM (Provided by Bucky Steel via Flickr)

DJ AM (Adam Michael Goldstein) was part of the group Crazy Town from the late nineties, but withdrew as their turntabilist before the groups well known “Butterfly” hit record was released in 2001. His relationships with reality star Nichole Richie and songstress Mandy Moore made many tabloid headlines. But for fans of the DJ you mostly recall the last brush with death; the terrifying crash he was in along with Travis Barker just last year.

On September 19th, 2008- AM was in a private plane which crashed in Columbia, South Carolina leaving three men and one woman dead. With the only survivors as close friends Travis Barker and DJ AM who were in critical condition.

Friends and family of the survivors flew to be by their side as they recovered. AM was put into a doctor introduced coma in order to complete the skin graft procedures required from his facial burn injuries. It has been reported that he was battling post traumatic stress disorder along with survivors guilt as result of the accident.

In one of his last filmed interviews, from July 29th, 2009, AM spoke honestly with MTV on his struggles battling addition. He was set for a new show on the network, “Gone Too Far” in which he would facilitate interventions to help others battling substance abuse.

AM explains;

“The inspiration for the show is that I am a recovering drug addict. I have 11 years sober,” he said. “Something I have always done since the beginning of my sobriety is work with other addicts in recovery. So when the question came up [from MTV]: ‘Hey, we should work something out.’ It’s like, ‘What do you like to do?’ And other than DJ, that’s kind of what I’ve always done.”

“I speak addict. I am one, and they, for the first time, they see someone who’s sober, who made it out,” he said. “I see myself in every single addict that I’ve done an episode on, and we can completely relate to another.”


Although the cause of death has not been confirmed; unfortunately, there have been reports that drugs may been involved. Supposedly AM was distraught over a very recent breakup with model girlfriend Hayley Wood. As his second serious brush with death may have been induced by just what he was trying to save others from via his show “Gone Too Far”.

The associated press reported that a crack pipe and prescription pills were found in his apartment. Although, it has not been confirmed that drugs were in his system. Detectives do not suspect any foul play involved. Close friends of AM have asserted that he was extremely committed to his sobriety and had been for over ten years.

Celebrities have been offering their condolences via Twitter, along with formal responses. Many are heartbroken and its obvious that he was not only loved by fans, but adored by the industry. He will be dearly missed, and remembered.

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