Courtney Love to sue Guitar Hero 5 over Cobain’s use

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Provided by 'Clare and Dave' via Flickr

Provided by 'Clare and Dave' via Flickr

Guitar Hero Five has outraged Courtney Love on the use of her long deceased husband, and famous Grunge rocker, Kurt Cobain. According to Twitters posted by Love recently she is extremely discontent with the way Activision exploited the contract they had drawn up, and that they directly breached the terms of the contract.

On Love’s Twitter account, she is quoted in saying that, “We are going to sue the [expletive] out of Activision.” Her outrage is over what Love says is “a breach of contract on the Bullys part”. Many may be asking what Love could be referring to and what is the supposed breach of contract that she is screaming about on her Twitter account.

Based on some posts by Love, the breach consists of Activisions use of the Cobain avatar to sing along with other songs that Cobain never made in his short career. Irate about the inclusion, Love is also on a tirade about the look of the Cobain avatar in the game.

Activision Vice President, Tom Riley, says that working with Love on the project, was a easy process in which she played an active role in the look of Cobain by providing them with pictures and many other sources of reference. Love believes that  she “never signed off on this avatar, let alone this [expletive] feature.”

She also states that they breached four points on the contract, a contract that “had very strict guidelines” and they were negligent in following those guidelines. Love is also quoted as saying, “We have NOTHING to do with this it was presented to me and I said “show me a better avatar” TO DRAG MY HEELS, never did i intend on allowing GUITARHERO for me or for Kurt. I am NOT yoko [expletive] Ono no offense to her, but I am a different person entirely and this is insane.”

The release of Guitar Hero Five in Love’s eyes, is a complete lack of professionalism and she will without a doubt being taking it up with Activision as a result. Cobain’s avatar is featured in the game as an exclusive artist in the game. If all goes in the direction of Love’s favor, the game may have to be recalled and redone, in order to please the irate widow of the famous rocker.


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