Catching up with Shwayze – Let It Beat Album Out Now

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Shwayze is the unlikely duo bringing feel good music straight from the sandy beaches of Malibu. Shwayze’s sound is more than hip hop or party music, it’s a unique combination of two amazing talents.

Comprised of Cisco Adler and Aaron Smith (a.k.a Shwayze) the duo first made waves with the single off their debut self titled album Shwayze with “Buzzin'” in 2008. With melodic guitar and voice styling’s from Cisco and Shwayze’s flow, it’s not surprising to see their popularity grow. Thousands of internet plays and downloads followed, obviously the pair stumbled onto something and have continued going strong.

After a stop in San Diego for their “Get U Home” tour at the House of Blues a few months ago, we were amazed! The show’s energy started with several songs by Shwayze, whose mom was in the crowd and got a special shout out. How sweet!

Cold Flamez and Beardo, Shwayze’s tour mates also gave an electric performance treating attendee’s. Shwayze came back on stage with Cisco to finish the night and keep us humming Malibu tunes all the way home. Three simple words to summarize: the show rocked!

We checked in with the artists on their continued tour and recently released second album Let It Beat, available now. Check out what the boys had to say to the Entertainer:

85aff51c-7174-44f5-bfa3-b8291b27aba4So, what’s being on tour been like recently?

Incredible. Every night’s been sold out. And we’re touring with LMFAO who are our good friends. Couldn’t be better.

We saw you at the House of Blues here in San Diego and you totally killed it.  You mentioned that you went to school here in San Diego?

I actually went to Grossmont Jr. College. I lived by State, close to El Cajon.

How did it come about that you met Cisco and started making music?

After 8 months of JC in SD with no credits to show for it, I moved back to Malibu. Shortly after I ran into Cisco at a party at his crib. I was like yo, I’m a fan of your music and other artists you’ve produced, I’m 21 and want to work with you! I came over the next day.

We’re excited to hear more of your new stuff when “Let It Beat” comes out. What can fans expect on this album? Will it have differences from your last album?

This record has the same ingredients as the last with a few more spices. We didn’t want to go too far from the sound our fans have come to love, but at the same time we wanted to show the world that we are not just a one trick pony. We’ve stepped this record up production wise and lyrically. And similar to the last record, every song is someone’s favorite.

Any unexpected collabs on the new album?  Are there any particular Shwayze-cover-art-Let-It-Beatartists you’d be interested in collaborating with?

Snoop Dogg blesses us on a track called “Livin it Up” which is a dream come true for both Cisco and me. Rick Ocasek co-produced “Crazy 4 U,” a classic rock anthem. Roy Bitten from the E-street Band played piano on “Heart and Soul,” which closes the record and is some of the most beautiful piano playing ever! We really set out to make a classic record all around and that’s what we did. We also have features from The Knux and Tabbi Bonney.

And the infamous question “What does Shwayze listen to? What’s in your I-Pod?”

Everything from The Cars, Tom Petty, The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Outkast, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash, Jay-Z. I love music.

Any big plans for when you have a break in your tour? Will you go back to relax in your hometown, Malibu for awhile?

Yea, def just Chill in the Bu for a bit, but not too long. We’re always doing something, but that’s why I love it!

Anything else you’d like to tell fans?

Go get Let it Beat! You won’t be disappointed. Follow us on twitter @shwayze @mrciscoadler. Also go to to see live footage from us on tour.

Check out this behind the scenes video from the road with Shwayze and tour mates Beardo, Cold Flamez, B.O.B., Anjulie and Jason Smith.

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