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There seems to be a slow revival in San Diego’s music scene. More and more random shows pop up here and there that are unexpectedly good. The second most recent great show was Emcee/Poet Aaron Evans. His set is a mix of cool beats, confidence, and most important in hip-hop, intelligent lyrics. Check him out at

A few weeks ago we stumbled down to U31 for NBC’s SoundDiego show and got there right as Blacktop Royalty was starting their set. It was immediately appealing. The pulse of the music kept the whole room energized and heads turned toward the stage. Come to find out they had only been together for 2 or so years and had just released their debut album, Heart’s Still At Home. Within a week of getting the album, they booked to do a live shoot with at Voltage Productions in Temecula. The day of the shoot we sat down for a minute with Blacktop Royalty front man, Scott Middough.

“Well first off I’m going to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug our new album, Heat’s Still At Home. It took a while to happen but it was an amazing process and we’re really proud of the final product. So, check us out at and on Itunes and Spotify.”

We went on to talk about more about the recording process.

“There’s a sense of accomplishment we all feel that came from doing everything ourselves pretty much. We launched a campaign to fund the album and the response was absolutely incredible. We had raised the money we needed in a matter of weeks. The support we saw from that just made us want to work that much harder to produce the best CD we could. And the fact that we were able to have complete creative control with our Album was pretty awesome too. After we received our funding through from our Kickstarter fundraiser we went straight into the studio at Voltage Productions in Temecula, CA. Our good friend Tim Iler was hired on to Produce, Engineer, and Mix the record. He was awesome and we had a great time. I think the process start to finish took about 4-5 months. All in all it was a blast to make, watching the songs come to life is something I’ll never forget. We definitely can’t wait to do it again and put out more music.”

What do they having going on right now?

“Well, we just won NBC SoundDiego’s Garage to Glory contest. We also just did a Live At Voltage performance for a segment on San Diego Entertainer TV on CW6. This month we’ve got a show on the 21st at Brick by Brick in San Diego as well as a Music Saves Lives benefit concert at Cal State Fullerton on the 24th. We are also working on releasing a couple live in studio videos that we did with Pixel Productions at Voltage Productions Studio in Temecula, CA. Pixel is also working with us on an official music video for our track “Don’t Go”.” -S. Middough




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