Beyonce Postpones Coachella Performance

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To our dismay, Beyonce postponed her performance at Coachella 2017 due to doctor’s orders. Since the shocking announcement of Queen Bey’s pregnancy with twins, this disappointing advice is probably for the best. Luckily, she will still be performing at Coachella next year.

Nonetheless, it is certainly unfortunate Beyonce will not be performing at Coachella this year. After her incredible performance at the Grammy’s, even with twins, the news is even more upsetting. Goldenvoice, the promoter of the festival, even claimed she was their most prized booking.

Beyonce would’ve brought a new element of pop culture and diversity to the stage, so let the year of anticipation commence. Optimistically, this extensive time period will give her fans more time to schedule trips and purchase tickets in advance. Also, Queen Bey will have more time to prepare her set and take care of her expected twin princesses.

Thankfully, Goldenvoice is expected to come up with a strong replacement. Though it will be a challenge to simply “replace” Queen Bey, rumors are stirring about new and exciting performers who will potentially grace the stage. Justin Timberlake, Adele, and Rihanna are in the boiling pot of rumors, but concrete information is not yet confirmed. No matter what, this year’s Coachella will astound festival goers with an assortment of unique performers and is not one to miss.

This 18-year-old festival is taking place April 14-16 and 21-23, so we will know the mystery performer any day now. Stay tuned on SD Entertainer for the unveiling of Queen Bey’s replacement and the status of her expected pregnancy. Until then, keep the edge of your seat warm and cell phone close.

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