Amy Winehouse Hologram Will Tour With Live Band

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The late British artist Amy Winehouse passed away in July 2011 at the age of 27. The soulful singer was found dead in her London home, after succumbing to accidental alcohol poisoning. Winehouse openly struggled with drug and alcohol abuse throughout her career, with her story sparking a global debate of how we deal with substance abuse and its treatment.

Seven years after he death, her legacy will live on with a hologram of Winehouse is set to go on tour with a live band for three scheduled years. In partnership with Base Hologram and the Winehouse estate, the hologram of the late Grammy winner will tour to celebrate the late singer. 

Base released a statement, saying, “Utilizing new state-of-the-art proprietary technology, the production will launch towards the end of 2019. Featuring digitally remastered arrangements of her classics, the hologram will be backed by a live band, singers and theatrical stagecraft.”

The tour was recently announced by Marty Tudor, Base Hologram CEO of productions, and Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father. Mitch expressed his excitement for the tour, saying “This is a dream for us. To see her perform again is something special that really can’t be put into words. Our daughter’s music touched the lives of millions of people and it means everything that her legacy will continue in this innovative and groundbreaking way.”

The tour will happen in conjunction with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, an organization aimed at preventing alcohol and drug abuse in young people. There are also plans to implement awareness and fundraising campaigns during the worldwide tour.

This decision has been met with criticism from fans on social media, who say this is an exploitive move for the late singer. One fan wrote: “Phew, they didn’t exploit Amy Winehouse enough while she was alive..” This hasn’t been the first time we’ve seen artists posthumously resurrected to continue performing. Holograms of Tupac and Michael Jackson have popped up at various performance venues, putting on convincingly realistic shows. 

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