Adele Cancels Final Shows

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Recently, Adele announced that she was done with stage shows. However, she had three more concerts left of her tour before she was supposed to officially call it quits. Even though she only had a few more shows to go, she cancelled her final shows due to damaged vocal chords on her throat doctor’s orders. It’s not a surprise that fans who have paid top dollar to see her perform are unhappy with the news.

Adele wrote a Facebook post to her fans and potential concert-goers stating that she was forced to make the decision to cancel her final shows because her doctor said so. In the statement, she wrote heartfelt words such as, “On medical advice, I simply am unable to perform over the weekend. To say I am heartbroken would be a complete understatement.”

She even confessed her consideration of miming Saturday and Sunday night’s show. She said, “I’m so desperate to do them that I’ve even considered miming. But I’ve never done it and I cannot in a million years do that to you. It wouldn’t be the real me up there.”

Adele also apologized regarding the expenses her fans paid for in order to attend the shows. At the end of her statement, she said that she would refund everyone who bought tickets if the shows can’t be rescheduled. However, and rightfully so, fans are still angry despite Adele’s heartwarming message.

In fact, many fans are writing harsh comments to Adele all over social media, considering the costs of travel and hotel booking unable to be refunded. Many fans are tweeting to Adele proposing that she refunds all of the travel and accommodation expenses in addition to the cost of the ticket. Moreover, fans are questioning her work ethic and musical capability.

Though this news is unfortunate for ticket holders, we hope Adele can eventually get through this.

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