“Inside Amy Schumer” Premieres on Comedy Central

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Amy Schumer looks like a cutie-pie cheerleader, and tells jokes like an estrogen-overdosed Rodney Dangerfield, only nastier. Her new show, a recurring set of non sequitur skits interspersed with her standup act, entitled “Inside Amy Schumer” premiered recently on the Comedy Central network.

Amy SchumerSchumer, 31, is a former quarter-finalist on “Last Comic Standing”. She comes off like a pretty party girl, but has a wicked, depraved sense of humor. Her new show consists mostly of her standup act, alternated with sketches bordering on the surreal.

No topics are too taboo,  although the raunchier words are bleeped out by Comedy Central.  Some topics include: insane owls eating a man’s arms;  a scat-infomercial (don’t ask!); and planning her entire life (up to and including buying burial plots) with a man who doesn’t remember her after a one-night stand. All of which are delightfully funnier than their descriptions may suggest.

In praise of the new series, The Hollywood Reporter has said, “In its scripted segments, the series is stylishly produced, and its wit is dry while its tone is bubbly. Not every segment is a hit, but the ones that are deserve to be quoted, repeated and discussed.”

Schumer gained notice for her no-holds-barred performances at the Comedy Central roasts of both Alec Baldwin and Roseanne Barr. Much of the humor she manages to generate comes from the contrast between her blonde, innocently charming look and her audacity to push the envelope of acceptable comedy subjects. Bodily fluids, in all their glory, seem to fascinate the young woman to an inordinate degree.

A five foot, seven inches tall Long Islander, Amy appeared in the 2012 mainstream, big cast comedy “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”. She has also been cast in small but effective rolls by both Larry David (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”) and Louie C.K. (“Louie”), both comedy geniuses.

All in all, although Amy makes her living hilariously regretting almost all decisions she’s ever made, no one will regret catching her show.


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