New addition to San Diego Zoo

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Panda cub provided by 'loves taishan' via Flickr

Panda cub provided by 'loves taishan' via Flickr

Bai Yun, the Pregnant female panda at The San Diego Zoo, gave birth this morning — at around 5 am — to a healthy new born panda pup. The zoo staff noted that Bai Yun was a little restless during the night, where at moments she would be making a nest, then return to sleep. These to the staff were a tell-tale sign that Bai Yun was getting ready to give birth.

Once Bai Yun was settled, she gave birth to what the zoo’s senior research technician Suzanne Hall called a “vigorous, squawking” cub, (from the LA Times). One thing that is also lingering on the zoo’s mind, is the question of whether or not Bai Yun will give birth to a second cub. The ultrasound that was taken had clearly shown that two cubs were in her womb. Hall told the Times,  “Bai Yun had been pregnant with two cubs before, but once another ultrasound was conducted Bai Yun had absorbed the fetus.”

The likely hood of two panda cubs surviving is very slim, and unlikely. Hall, also stated that “Bai Yun is an excellent, attentive mother; she’s given birth to four other cubs.”

Although the sex of the baby cub is unknown the zoo’s staff, they have very high hopes for the successful raising of this panda cub. The San Diego Zoo has become a very successful panda breeding program in itself. Giving birth to many newly born pandas, as well as raising many healthy fertile pandas along side the cubs.

Working in order to conserve the rare endangered species, The San Diego Zoo has completed another successful delivery. Bai Yun is a happy proud mother of five now, and this new addition will undoubtedly be featured as an attraction for all in San Diego.


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