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Photo from Bandita via Flikr

Photo from Bandita via Flikr

Elizabeth Gilbert’s now world famous memoir “Eat, Pray, Love” has become an honorary staple for today’s overworked and unsatisfied woman. Selling in the millions, the memoir chronicles Gilbert’s life as she makes the bold decision to leave her comfortable suburban nest in an attempt to save herself from the deep unhappiness that has manifested from her static life and unwillingness to have children.

Now, this popular memoir is being made into a movie.

While the journey to self discovery can be called anything but easy, Gilbert undergoes a messy divorce and losses most if not all of her assets. She persists and makes the incredible decision to detach herself from her American life and spend a year traveling. With no stable home or travel companion, Gilbert packs few belongings and sets off to the three I’s: Italy, India, and Indonesia.

What sets this memoir apart from any other traveling log is the poignancy and honesty with which Gilbert describes her internal and external journey. While travelers are normally eager to share all the wonderful experiences and down-play the negatives, Gilbert shares her happy experiences as honestly as she shares the un-glamorous moments. Among the problems Gilbert encounters, the inevitable bite of loneliness and depression are often discussed as readers watch Gilbert make the decision to stop avoiding her past and instead deal with her issues head on.

Ultimately the beauty Gilbert encounters in her now world famous pilgrimage would make every hardship well worth the fight. She would come away from her journey having learned the pleasure that comes from eating delicious Italian food, the internal calmness that comes from praying in India, and the beauty of internal balance from Indonesia.

Gilbert’s memoir has sold in the millions, being endorsed by the likes of Oprah (who dedicated two episodes to the memoir) and privy to raving reviews from the “New York Times,” “Time,” and “Entertainment Weekly” (to name a few).  The memoir has also spent a remarkable year on the top seller list becoming an honorary phenomenon that Elizabeth Gilbert herself never imagined.

There are currently an estimated 5 million copies in print and that number isn’t taking into account the popularity of the memoir around the world, particularly Italy. Is it then any surprise that it is now being made into a motion picture?

Photo from ChriGampat via Flikr

Photo from ChriGampat via Flikr

Ryan Murphy, who is also famous for directing “Nip Tuck,” not only wrote the screenplay but signed on to direct the wildly anticipated film. And who better to portray Elizabeth Gilbert than America’s sweetheart herself, Julia Roberts? James Franco has signed on to play David, Gilbert’s love interest in America and the likes of Brad Pitt have also signed on to produce the film.

In an attempt to stay true to the memoir, the movie will take readers to all of the locations Gilbert visits and beautifully details: Italy, India, and Indonesia. The film is currently in post production with an expected release date of August 13, 2010. Eager fans will have to wait and see if the film is able to capture the spirituality and genuineness of the memoir.


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