Little Gallery, Big Art: Art Produce Gallery Presents “United & Severed”

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allan fergusonThe Art Produce Gallery is only about 300 square feet in size, and yet its audience is probably one of the largest of any gallery in San Diego. Located on University Avenue near Vermont Street and three blocks from the Ray Street Gallery District, The Art Produce Gallery (and its 30-foot-long window space) can be seen by everyone traveling down University Avenue. This unique storefront gallery space in operated by artists and created for artists.

The gallery is designed to showcase many art forms including sculptural installations, cross-disciplinary works, digital media, and performance events. The unconventional space provides an unexpected experience for viewers. The idea behind the gallery was to provide accessible art to the North Park community; they sure have done that.

Director Lynn Susholtz is a public artist, teacher, business owner, and arts and community advocate. She lends the exhibition space to selected artists to display their work, and the outcome of these installations is always spectacular.

October 17th through December 6th Art Produce Gallery audiences (and the random passerby) will be treated to the work of Kristine Diekman, Karen Schaffman, Richard Keely, and Anna O’Cain with their multi-medium installation, “United & Severed”. This intense and powerful exhibition centers around the topic of traumatic loss and the lives of three women living with everlasting injuries. The gallery website lists United & Severed as a “writing-audio-videography-choreography-installation…based on interviews with Kim Anderson, Michele Caputo, & Ivy Kensinger. They tell their personal stories of shock injury where in a single moment their lives were changed forever.”

Art Produce Gallery is open daily 7pm-4pm can be accessed through the café Carpe Diem.

Events for this opening:

-Panel Discussion with Artists and Participants October 29th 6-7:30pm
-Video Screening with Artists and participants, Nov 14th 6-9pm

Katherine Sweetman is a nationally and internationally exhibited artist in the fields of both new media art and documentary video. Her current work deals with online social networking sites and the issues surrounding personal disclosure in the public realm of the World Wide Web. Her major areas of research involve public disclosure of private information in both online and offline environments. She has an M.F.A. from the University of California, San Diego, a B.A. in Arts and Technology from California State University, San Marcos. She is currently a part-time instructor at Cal-State San Marcos and San DIego State University, and the Director of the alternative art space, Lui Velazquez, in Tijuana.

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