Passover Celebration at the White House

passover whitehouse

While many Christians don’t celebrate Passover, one very prominent Christian does. We are speaking, of course, of President Obama.

White House Honey Cupcake Recipe


Enjoy the White House Honey Cupcake Recipe. The Obamas are the first White House residents to ask that a bee hive be installed on the property so they might enjoy its honey. In its first season, the White House hive produced 134 pounds of honey, about 11 gallons. Honey has been known represent health and plenty, so enjoy some honey cupcakes from the White House kitchen.

White House releases Obama Birth Certificate

President Obama (photo courtesy of NDU Audio Visual via Flickr)

The White House released a copy of President Obama’s birth certificate on Wednesday amid speculation led by Donald Trump that he was not born in the US.

Movie Review: “Salt”


“Salt” premiers with high expectations partly (or probably, mainly) due to Angelina Jolie. I love spy-thriller movies but couldn’t recall seeing one with a female lead. Jolie is, without a doubt, the obvious choice for the role. There are very few female stars who could open a blockbuster action movie. Milla Jovovich is one, Kate Beckinsale is another, but they’re more fantasy-based. It would be unfair to compare “Salt” to “Wanted,” as that, is fantasy-based too (bullet-bending, anyone?), as with “James Bond.”

El Cajon’s Jimmie Johnson honored at the White House

El Cajon native and NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson was honored at the White House Wednesday, at the personal request of President Obama.

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