Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn 2′ Trailer released

photo by magesomido

Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn 2′ Trailer was recently released. This trailer will serve as the first teaser to quench Twilight fans’ thirst for what will be the last part of the trilogy. The new teaser is a reminder to those of the young adult age group why they became so addicted to the vampire saga. It has a dark teenage love that has incited riots of crazed Twilight faithfuls.

New Moon Rises over San Diego

New Moon was released into theaters this week. (Photo from google images)

With the latest of the twilight series arriving overnight in San Diego, it is not difficult to see that there is a divide between those who get the mystique and those who don’t. People of all ages and genders hit theaters last night for midnight showings after waiting in long lines for, in some cases, over 12 hours. Like any entertainment phenomenon, there will always be the lunatic fringe who will become enveloped by the story and go to extremes to be the first to get the next taste. This is of course true in the case of the Twilight series, but what is striking about this vampire love story is the demographic of fans for this series.

New Moon, new dilemmas

Photo from Krik@ via Flickr

New Moon, the 2nd of the Twilight saga, comes out next week, November 20th. Now that Edward Cullen (played by the gorgeous Robert Pattinson) has left, here enters Jacob Black (played by Taylor Lautner)—all grown up and stronger and, of course, shirtless. And it appears that he too has his own secrets and intentions. Betrayal is around every corner as loyalties are tested. Werewolves, vampires, enemies, lovers…the perfect recipe for an enticing movie experience.

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