April Fools Day: Top 10 office pranks that (probably) won’t get you fired

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photo courtesy of disterics via flickrBeings that it’s April Fools Day, we thought it would be appropriate to bring you a short list of fun office pranks. All of these are harmless enough and can be very fun, at least for you. Also, be sure to turn on their webcam while they’re in the bathroom so you can monitor the ensuing commotion remotely.

* is not responsible for any disciplinary actions taken as a result of any of these pranks. Liability falls on the prankster in question and said prankster should consider the prankee before attempting any of the below listed.

1.  Nicholas Cage overload: Download the the extension nCage, if your co-worker uses google chrome, and all of the pictures displays in their web browser will be of actor Nicolas Cage

2. Install the blue screen of death as their screen saver.

3. Slow internet:  Install the Firefox “Total Confusion Pack“. Features- 1. The back button will randomly go back 2 pages. 2. Switches out 2% of online videos with a Rick Astley video. 3. Changes your inbox to have 666 messages. 4. Makes it look like every page takes forever to load.

4. Frozen Screen: Take a screenshot of their desktop and set it as their wallpaper, then hide all of the icons and move the toolbar. Watch as they click and double click over and over.

5. Keyboard fun: Pop a few of their keyboard keys off and relocate them.

6. Blackout their monitor:  On their computer monitor, if you turn the contrast all the way down and the brightness all the way up, the screen will appear blank.

7. Doughnuts for the office: Bring in a box of doughnuts, but replace the donuts with a small reptile or rodent. Preferably a live specimen.

8. Slow computer:  Go to the Windows Control Panel and switch the pointer icon to an hourglass.

9. Bathroom scare: Unroll the toilet paper a little bit and reroll it with a few fake spiders inside.

10. Bug scare: Hide in the next cubicle, with a fake bug tied to a piece of fishing wire. Slowly lower it onto or in front of your cube mate.

Have fun and keep it safe folks.

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