Marriott Marquis Marina Hotel Offers First-Class Service

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner and many more holidays coming up fast, you may be having a lot of friends and family coming into town to visit with you. Now, you may be lucky to be living in a huge house with plenty of room for everyone, but many of us can’t fit as many people as we would like. Plus, there are quite a few family members that would rather get a hotel room than sleep on a blow-up mattress on the floor in the living room. If you need somewhere to put your in-laws  check out the Marriott Marquis Marina Hotel. If the name seems familiar to you, it may be because it’s where we hosted this month’s episode of Entertainer and Lifestyles Television!

Located in the heart of Downtown San Diego, the Marina Hotel is one of this city’s most luxurious and distinguished hotels. Overlooking the bay, the hotel is near the 446 slip marina with boat rentals and water activities to keep you having fun. The hotel has a total of 1,360 spacious guest room and suites, making up two 25-story towers that is quite the sight. Because of it’s location, the views from the bedroom are really not to be missed, as you can not only gaze at the many sailboats and yachts, but have an unhindered view of Coronado Island.

The Marina Hotel also has two floors of concierge rooms, which have access to the concierge lounge and all VIP services. Among the perks, you’ll get complimentary food, like hors d’oeuvres and continental breakfast, as well as complimentary non-alcoholic drinks. If you go with the two-bedroom hospitality suite, you’ll get a bay view with a balcony to enjoy it from. The entire room is 1,300 square feet and has a living and dining room, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows.

Of course, a hotel can’t be great without gourmet cuisine, and thankfully the Marriott Marquis Marina Hotel happens to be known for their fantastic food. The hotel has their own restaurant and bar, which offers American-style cuisine and has a casual dress code. There’s also a Tequila Bar & Grille, which is set between the two glass towers of the hotel and is right beside the tropical pool. Offerings fresh seasonal dishes and neat cocktails, it’s the perfect place to relax in the sun. If you’re thinking of something more bold, there’s Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine, which offers Asian-fusion, using rich flavors and European sauces.

Marquis Marina Hotel really knows their food, so much so that they’re even hosting this year’s “San Diego Food and Wine by the Bay” event. With over 30 events going on, and the participation of 200 wineries breweries, and spirits from all around the globe, this is surely one to remember. Running from November 14 to 18 and attracting the attention of culinary celebrities, master sommeliers, and legendary winemakers, if you want to catch this event, which is the largest celebration in Southern California, you better act fast. The event’s Celebrity Luncheon will be organized by the hotel’s very own Chef Bernard, which definitely gives you an idea as to his caliber. You’ll also be happy to know that over $240,000 of the proceeds will be going towards scholarships for those who want to study culinary arts.

If you find yourself a little regretful due to the amount of food ingested then try out the hotel’s fitness center, which has first-class equipment and many different fitness classes, as well as special guest privileges, like Yoga. There are also two free form outdoor pools, as well as a children’s pool, which are all heated.

If you’re looking for a place to put your family during the holiday’s, there’s no better choice than the Marriott Marquis Marina Hotel.

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