Good news: Coffee consumption may be good for you

Is it just me, or has there been a battle among health professionals over coffee? It’s bad for you, oh wait…it’s good for you. Never mind! It’s bad. No it’s good. Really? My over-caffienated brain can’t handle it anymore!

Well, In contrast, indulging excessively may be linked with an increased chance of developing serious heart problems.

In reviewing prospective studies that assessed the relationship between coffee consumption and the risk of heart failure, researchers were able to standardize protocol over the previous studies to find a statistically significant relationship between coffee and heart failure.

“Compared to no consumption, the strongest inverse association was seen for 4 servings/day, and a potentially higher risk at higher levels of consumption. There was no evidence that the relationship between coffee and heart failure risk varied by sex.”

The take away message — drink up! You can have 4 cups a day without any adverse affects. Be careful, though because there are health problems associated with not getting enough sleep from day to day.

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