April Fools Pranks to Use and Abuse, Courtesy of “The Office”

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Think you’re a little too old to pull April Fools pranks this year? Well, think again.  This Friday is April 1st, notoriously known as the day to let your mischievous cleverness guide the way.  Wondering what kind of office-friendly jokes to pull? Look no further than the comedic authorities themselves…

Get inspiration from famed trickster duo: Dwight Schrute (Rain Wilson) and Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) from NBC’s The Office. Jim bides his time pulling ridiculously entertaining stunts on Dwight in almost every episode of its seven season run.

Take a few tips from these comedy experts:

1. Wrap your enemy’s desk in gift wrap/saran wrap/newspaper

Pull a Jim from Season Four’s Christmas episode and just make it look like you’ve wrapped everything up when really there is nothing inside the festive paper. This is not for the faint of heart.  It requires time and patience, but as demonstrated by Jim, is well worth the effort.

2. Encase stapler/name tag/favorite pen in Jello

Or a calculator! Take this gag from the Pilot episode, Jim’s awe-inspiring twist on the uses for this gelatin dessert.

3Convince someone that it is Saturday instead of Friday

Oh so convenient for this particular April Fool’s that falls on a Friday! All day Thursday, discreetly slip messages to known adversary that the next day is Saturday.  This will cause said foe to miss work, and any other engagements scheduled for the missing date!

4Come in dressed as another office drone

Jim captures Dwight perfectly in Season 3 “Product Recall.” It is a cheap and easy way to make this April Fool’s an office delight.  Just be sure to choose your “imitation” wisely, as it may hurt feelings (or your reputation).

See the full list of Jim’s best trickster moments on  And if these tricks aren’t enough to whet your palate for April Fool’s fun, check out this website for even more humorous material.

Will you be pulling any pranks this April Fool’s Day?

Who have you chosen as a worthy opponent?

And don’t forget to watch The Office as Will Ferrell is sure to bring another dynamic to the last few episodes of Season 7 .

Photos by camthman via Flickr and Ronan Kengo via Flickr.

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