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Hip Hop nights in San Diego

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Photo courtesy of lizethphoto via flickrIf you were a nineties baby then you definitely remember the times of hip hop music. From rap to hip hop to R&B those tunes bring back great memories. But why did that era need to end? As pop and electro dance music hit the mainstream it gets harder and harder to find that hip hop beat that so many of us grew up with. Those electro and pop bar nights are fun, but sometimes you may be hoping for a variety and a little throwback.

If you’re looking to shake that tailfeather on a Saturday night then look no further than Booty Bassment nights at the Whistle Stop Bar! Although this bar is small, if you’re looking for a night to dance and sweat it all out then this is where you need to be. Unlike downtown San Diego clubs, this is not where you would wear a fancy suit-and-tie.

The Whistle Stop bar, located in South Park, is constantly hosting events most nights of the week. These events range from Friends Chill nights and Trivia Quiz nights earlier in the week, to a variety of DJs and genres towards the end of the week. For those who are into other types of music, the bar also hosts 80s 90s nights and 60s reggae/soul nights. Booty Bassment specifically is hosted by DJs Dimitri and Rob every second and fourth Saturday of the month. These DJs are sure to make you reminisce and rock to the beat with their mixing of 90s and 2000s hip hop beats.

With cheap, strong drinks to fuel your party and a cover of only $5 how could you resist! This place exudes good vibes with an electric crowd and an old school dive bar vibe. So leave your heels at home and get ready to bask in the good old school vibes. As long as you aren’t afraid of a little sweat, Booty Bassment at The Whistle Stop bar will definitely be a good time!

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    March 1, 2015 at 3:44 am

    I would like to know where in San Diego, CA I can get more gigs, open venues perform my recent projects. I just moved here.

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