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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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This past weekend marked the start of the annual campaign fight against Breast Cancer.

According to the Breast Cancer Society, the “events that take place during October encourage women to check themselves regularly, see their doctors, and remain vigilant against breast cancer, while also celebrating the vitality of survivors who are recovering from the disease.”

But where did this all start from? What is behind the history of the Pink Ribbon?

It all started with AstraZeneca, an Anglo-Swedish drug manufacturing company. In 1985, the company started a campaign to help bring awareness and show the importance of having mammograms.

However, the first National Race for the Cure started back in Dallas, Texas, in 1983.

Currently, there are many such races happening in a variety of cities from all over the world.  The Breast Cancer Society lists a few of these names. “For instance, in Bulgaria, it is called the Breast Cancer Walk; in Italy it is Komen Italia Race for the Cure; and in Australia and New Zealand it is known as the Dove Pink Star Walk.”

Many of the cities such as Jerusalem, Tokyo, Chicago, etc. light up the buildings in a beautiful pink display.

One of the most common cancers identified for women has been breast cancer. However, thanks to the past awareness months and races, there has been a steady decline in the United States. The drop in number of incidences has decreased since 1999.

October 3rd, the Fiji Cancer Society Chairperson and breast cancer awareness President Nirmala Nambiar declared that Fiji will also join the fight against Breast Cancer.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, Nambiar said, “Fiji continues to have a high incidence of breast cancer deaths with large number of tumors presented to health professionals at a late stage due to the stigma of having the disease.” Numbiar hopes that through their partnership with the Ministry of Health, Fiji Nurses Association, and the Oxfam Cliniv in Suva, they will be able to make a difference for those out in the rural communities.

She stated, “We have free checkups planned for the month at the major villages from Vunidawa, Korovou and Valelevu to Lami at the other end and hope that we will be able to support the women in this area who may not be able to have a check- up otherwise.”

Even  the NFL has become involved. Throughout the course of the month, players, officials, and coaches will join together in their crusade against Breast Cancer by wearing pink at the games.

According to the All Headline News, “Coaches’ caps, players’ cleats and officials’ whistles were pink in Sunday’s NFL games. Footballs were decorated with pink ribbon decals and padding for the goal posts was colored pink. The color was also splashed on fields around the NFL and will remain pink throughout the month.

Antonio Garay, the Charger’s nose tackle, sported a shaved pink ribbon on the left side of his head.

San Diego catches the “Pink Fever” every October in its desire to fight cancer.   Last weekend was the “Bras Across the Bay” event. The event was a kickoff for the Awareness month and all the ticket proceeds were donated towards “Susan G. Komen for the Cure.” According to Sign On San Diego, there was “live music, live artist painting of breast cancer survivors, fine art bra auction, cocktails and food.”

Next Month, on November 6, San Diego will be hosting the Komen San Diego Race for the Cure in Balboa Park. Gretchen Christine Rossi and Slade Smiley will be the event’s spokespersons. According to Open Press, “More than 15,000 participants are expected to take part in the Komen San Diego 15th Annual Race for the Cure.”

What will you do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Photos courtesy of wishuponacake, Rick Bucich, Dav3wil5oncna, jonny-mt, Ed Yourdon, and Bovlb via WikiCommons and Flickr.

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