Taco Tuesdays in San Diego

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If you can’t make it to Mexico, the next best place to find legitimate and boldly flavored Mexican food is definitely San Diego. San Diegans are connoisseurs of Mexican food, especially when it comes to tacos. For anyone who has spent some time in San Diego, you know for a fact Taco Tuesday is basically a holiday. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to devour the offerings from the best taco joints around San Diego you’re in luck, it’s Tuesday, A.K.A. Taco Tuesday. Give one (or all) of these awesome restaurants a try to satisfy your authentic taco craving.

After you win a round of mini-golf at Belmont Park, tacos at Sandbar Sports Grill are a surefire way to celebrate. Take in the sparkling lights of the park’s Ferris wheel during sunset over some TKO Style tacos, which boasts locally sourced fish, chipotle aioli, uniquely beer-brined escabeche slaw and lime crema among its tasty mates. Not a fish person? Opt for the Ti-Juan-A Taco, made up of succulent pork adobado and sweet roasted pineapple.

Grouper Taco_BraceroIf you’re fresh from your surfing session, head over to Backyard Kitchen & Tap in Pacific Beach, where classic fish tacos await your grumbling stomach. Dive into the crunchy beer-battered haddock filets plated with shaved cabbage, cotija cheese, cilantro crema, avocado, pico de gallo and a side of corn pudding.

Before placing bets on your goldfish for the races at Pacific Beach Shore Club, go for their tenderly succulent Brisket Tacos plate with Jasmine rice and black beans. Lobster tacos are also part of the popular club’s menu and taste even better when paired with their colossal Red Bull Slushies.

The Fish Shop in Pacific Beach, Encinitas and Hermosa Beach is known for giving customers a knockout taco experience. You can choose your own freshly caught fish along with the seasoning and serving style (taco, sandwich, salad or plate), or go with their no-fail classic: the TKO taco served with a tropical mouthwatering salsa, sure to make you feel like you’re on your own private island. Your fish choices range larger than other taco shops; choose from red snapper to yellow tail and swordfish to sea bass — the taco is your oyster.

Is there anything better than tacos and a stunning beach view? PB Ale House serves their Smoked Pork Tacos with purple cabbage, roasted tomatillo salsa, jalapeño cream, and cotija cheese on a corn tortilla, with a complimentary view of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re looking for a backyard barbecue feel, give their Crispy Short Rib Tacos a shot. They’re prepared with barbecue sauce, white cheddar cheese and smashed avocado dished on a corn tortilla.

Mexican_foodThe Duck Dive is no exception to Pacific Beach’s range of artisan crafted tacos. The Voodoo Tacos are their inventive creation, with Sriracha- and Sculpin IPA-marinated salmon, Napa cabbage and papaya salsa all nicely tucked in a blackened flour tortilla. If salmon isn’t your thing, they also serve Poke Tacos with freshly caught Ahi tuna marinated in olive, soy and ginger sauces all wrapped inside a wonton taco shell with bean sprouts and wasabi aioli, and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Vegan but still craving that zesty taco kick? We don’t blame you. Luckily, Chef Isabel from Isabel’s Cantina in Pacific Beach gets it, and has crafted a crave-satisfying Soy Chorizo Taco complete with rich avocado sauce and fresh pico de gallo. Finish your meal with the Flourless Chocolate Cake and you’ll be smiling for days.

Chef Isabel Cruz’s tasty artistry doesn’t stop at her Cantina. If you find yourself in Bankers Hill on this fateful day, swing by the soulful Barrio Star for dinner. Classic Mexican-style tacos with made-to-order freshly ground corn tortillas and hints of Asian touches allow for these tacos to set a new bar. Thai slaw and pineapple jicama salsa are only a few of the specially designed ingredients you’ll find in the Mexican-Asian fusion tacos, resulting in a unique taco experience.

While tacos are a simple dish, Bracero Cocina takes them to the next level. Regionally based ingredients allow the artists of Bracero Cocina’s kitchens to turn your basic taco into a magical blend of timeless innovation. For a little fusion adventure, choose their Mexiterranean Adobada, Gyro style, complete with jalapeño tzatziki and olla beans. If not, indulge in their Grouper Taco, or their gourmet Lamb Neck Barbacoa with rejuvenating Kombucha pasilla salsa while you take in that signature San Diego view on their open terrace.

Tacos_SandbarTacos and beer are a surefire combination, and Uptown Tavern in Hillcrest knows it. Their simple Taco menu doesn’t skimp on bold flavors, like Dos Equis-marinated carne asada, or their Kimo Sabe Mezcal & Lime Shrimp. The tacos are street style and are side-kicked by salsa ranchero, avocado crema, salsa fresco and cilantro.

Sirena Gourmet of Little Italy takes the basic taco and uses gastronome artistry and local ingredients to create an intricate taco experience. For starters, try the Artichoke Taco made of a beet tortilla, artichokes, parsley root aioli, crispy faro and cilantro. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the fresh Octopus Taco with a carrot tortilla, octopus, charred jalapeño, chimichurri and pickled onions.


Originally from New York, I moved to San Diego in 2014 after living in Italy for two years to work as a Director and Producer for Pixel Productions. Contact: Dylan@SDEntertainer.com

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