National Margarita Day, Feb 22

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Did you know today is National Margarita Day?

February 22nd is coined National Margarita Day and even though it’s hard to find who proclaimed the day as such or how this celebrated drink exactly got its name, it seems that San Diego had a part to play.

A basic margarita is a cocktail of tequila, triple sec and lime garnished with salt on the glass’ rim.

It is the most common tequila drink in the United States and although it’s hard to pin down the exact origin, one of the most interesting stories on the web goes like this…

Supposedly, around 1938 a man named Danny Herrera worked as a renowned bartender at the Riviera del Pacifico Hotel and Casino in Ensenada, Mexico.  He was stricken in love with an American actress named Marjorie King, who was said to hate tequila by itself yet it was the only liquor that she could tolerate.  So, in an ingenious effort to win her heart, Herrera combined and created till he founded the “margarita”, or the “little Marjorie” cocktail.

Confirming the story, in parts, is www.planeta.com which claims  famous Herrera lived, instead, in Baja California and had his own bar, called Rancho La Gloria, (named after his daughter) which was attached to his house, which he shared with his wife.  Being that their location was so close to Hollywood-trafficked Rosarita Beach and Ensenada, Herrera met King at his bar one day and honored her presence…and allergies with his now-celebrated concoction.

News spread quickly of his new drink, the “margarita,” (the nickname he would call Marjorie King) as King told her friends about it and also Los Angeles and San Diego bartenders.  The drink is said to have gone global as King’s Hollywood friends continued to share King’s tale with foodies all around the world.

Herrera is said to have spent the last five years of his life in San Diego, CA.

If you are looking for places to celebrate in San Diego, check out Casa Guadalajara in Old Town or Playa Grill & Margarita Bar in Mission Valley, just to name a few.

If you want to try your skills at home, check out this recipe from DrinkerMixer.com

Catalina Margarita recipe

1 1/2 oz 1800® Tequila

1 oz peach schnapps

1 oz Blue Curacao liqueur

4 oz sweet and sour mix
Shake with cracked ice and strain into chilled cocktail or margarita glass.

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