Leopard sharks spotted off La Jolla coast


If you find yourself swimming in the surf at La Jolla Shores, you will also find yourself swimming with the sharks. But, no need to worry, these are relative benign sharks, at least to humans. In fact the leopard sharks currently found in large numbers off our coast are much more afraid of us than we need to be of them.

San Diego Tracking Team teaches volunteers to track wild animals in areas of San Diego


The San Diego Zoo and the Zoo Safari Park are wonderful places to interact with wild animals, but did you know there are other opportunities to be had right out in the urban metropolitan environment of America’s Finest City itself? The San Diego Tracking Team offers just such a wild experience.

UCSD research finds genetic basis of friendships


When it comes to friendship, do opposites attract? Or are we more like our friends than we think? According to recent studies done by researchers at both UCSD and Yale, unrelated friends have a genetic makeup as similar as those whose great grandparents have the same grandparents.

San Vicente Reservoir expansion completed, will ease drought woes


The building of new pipelines and pumps, as well as the dam raise, are a vast effort to counteract the high drought conditions now moving into the mountain and desert regions of San Diego County. The area has now entered the second most extreme drought category established by the U.S. Drought Monitor service.

Del Mar races open for the season


And they’re off! With that traditional call, racing starts at Del Mar Racetrack today on a non-traditional Thursday. The 75th season of thoroughbred horse racing will be accompanied on opening day with the 20th holding of the Hats Contest.

Youngest ever circumnavigator starts and finishes journey in San Diego


Move over, Magellan; fly away, Lindbergh. A 19-year-old from South Dakota is believed to be the youngest person to pilot a plane, alone, completely around the Earth. Matt Guthmiller is his name and he has accomplished what few folks will ever even attempt, circumnavigating the globe, solo.

SDG&E now allowed to fly aerial drones in the east county


What’s that teeny little helicopter flying outside your window? Just SDG&E, inspecting their transmission lines and other parts of their system. Actually, you would have to live pretty far out in the woods to see the drones right now.

61st Over-the-Line Tournament is a fiesta for two weekends


As it has for the past 61 years (since 1953!), the Old Mission Bay Athletic Club (OMBAC) is staging its annual Over-the-Line Tournament on Fiesta Island. Starting last Saturday, and continuing for a second weekend this coming Saturday, July 19, the altered, alternative beach softball competition and party is a yearly unique feature of America’s Finest City.

Vote online to select a name for San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s baby condor


On April 29 a baby condor chick was hatched at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Now, we all have the opportunity to name the chick by participating in a vote. Voting is being conducted online here from now until July 20.

I believe that we can win a trademark of that phrase, says SDSU


“I Believe That We Can Win!” “I BeLIEVE that WE can win!” Say that phrase three times fast, then get someone to print it on a t-shirt, and you may have just made San Diego State some money. On October 27, 2011, Aztec Shops Ltd., an apparel shop located in the San Diego State student union, filed for trademark rights to the phrase.

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