105 year old’s first pitch prefaces near no-hitter


We all remember that 1909 baseball season, right? Ty Cobb batting for a .377 season average, with a league leading 7 home runs, the Pirates winning their first World Series, those were the days. Well, Agnes McKee of Oceanside may not remember that baseball season, but she was actually around for it.

I believe that we can win a trademark of that phrase, says SDSU


“I Believe That We Can Win!” “I BeLIEVE that WE can win!” Say that phrase three times fast, then get someone to print it on a t-shirt, and you may have just made San Diego State some money. On October 27, 2011, Aztec Shops Ltd., an apparel shop located in the San Diego State student union, filed for trademark rights to the phrase.

San Diego and Bermuda finalists to host next America’s Cup


With Chicago being eliminated from consideration due to the unreliability of consistent winds on Lake Michigan, America’s Finest City and the British-held island of Bermuda are the final two contenders for the honor of holding the 35th America’s Cup yachting regatta in 2017.

Fans gather at Gwynn statue at Petco; Memorial event announced


After some discussion concerning the proper location for a public memorial for the man who patrolled right field at Qualcomm for 20 years, the Padres made the announcement that the free memorial event would be at Petco Park at 7:19 pm on Thursday, June 26.

Tony Gwynn passes; San Diego legend will never be forgotten


The greatest San Diego sports figure ever, one of the last hall-of-famers to play his entire career with one team, a Powegian for 30+ years, the well-respected coach of the Aztecs’ revived program, Tony Gwynn has died.

High School pitcher from North County is picked first in Major League Baseball draft


There’s no denying the excitement when a high school player is selected with the number one pick. Also, the interesting aspects of the pick are only intensified when it’s known that the first pick, Brady Aiken of Cathedral Catholic High School has a brother, Kyle, who was selected in the first round of the 2012 draft.

Analyzing 2014 Charger draft


Here’s a quick analysis of the Bolt’s six picks in the 2014 draft. Overall, a fine day for the Chargers.

Petco Park 10 year anniversary marked by Petco


Petco, the giant pet store company based in San Diego, this weekend commemorated a decade of the Padres playing in the ball park they bought the naming rights to.

Crafty Padres showcase craft beers at Petco


The Craft Beer of the Padres concession can be found right behind home plate in the Main Concourse at Petco. There are many local microbrewery craft beers available:

Bison taste sweet to Aztecs


Last year, Cinderella, in the form of Florida Coastal, turned the Aztecs into pumpkins. But in 2014, SDSU rode a coach pulled by buffaloes into Anaheim, and the Sweet 16.

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