Stephan Aarstol’s Shark Tank Experience

Pixel Productions & Tower Paddle Boards

The SD Entertainer recently sat down with Tower Paddle Boards’ CEO Stephan Aarstol, to interview him about his experience on the ABC Show Shark Tank. Aarstol had big plans for the future to turn Tower Paddle Boards into a beach lifestyle brand with a magazine, clothing line, and beach wear.

CorePower Yoga: San Diego’s Best Yoga Studio

Julia Sparkman

SDEntertainer recently sat down with Julia Sparkman, the Studio Manager of CorePower Yoga in Pacific Beach, to learn more about this very popular form of Yoga .

Number of taxi licenses in San Diego to increase


It should become easier to get a cab in San Diego soon, and the cost of that cab ride may go down. The changes come from Monday’s decision by the San Diego City Council to remove any limit on how many taxi permits are allowed in the city. Councilwoman Lorie Zapf, who argued that the changes should be done in incremental steps, rather than all once, cast the only vote against the measure, which passed by a vote of 8 to 1.

DecoBike bicycle renting program begins in Gaslamp


Ready to peddle 0ver to the Gaslamp? A bike sharing system has starting up this week, eventually to span most of San Diego. The very first, solar-powered, automated, credit-card accepting bicycle renting station came online at Sixth and E on Monday. More than a dozen bikes are available at the initial site.

10 Scary Halloween laws


Here are ten spooky laws actually on the books concerning Halloween from down your block and around the world:

Fall back! Daylight savings ends, standard time begins this Sunday morn, November 2, 2014


Tomorrow is October 31, and we all know what that means. Boo! No, no, not that. It means next weekend heralds the ceasing of the saving of daylight for 2014. Fall Back! The holiday season is full blown upon us, now is the time of year to take the time to remember to turn back the hands of all the clocks in your home and your car (excepting the ones that are synchronized by the internet, like your cable box or cell phone) come this Sunday morning, ostensibly at 2:00 a.m.

Decision for 2017 America’s Cup venue coming soon


The choice is down to two prospective sites for the staging of the next America’s Cup: our own fair city of San Diego, and Bermuda, the U.K.-owned island in the mid-Atlantic Ocean. The final decision by the committee charged with making the call will be made soon and the Port of San Diego has released a slick video extolling the virtues of America’s Finest City as the venue for the 35th staging of the Cup, coming in 2017.

San Diego enacts mandatory water usage regulations


In response to the increasing drought conditions throughout our region, on Monday, a unanimous vote by the San Diego City Council puts mandatory water usage restrictions into effect as of Saturday, November 1, 2014. This will cause the voluntary rules, in place since this past July, to become mandatory, and therefore enforceable with fines and penalties. The stated goal is to decrease the use of water in the city by 20%.

2014 Kiteboard North American Championship held off Coronado shore


This year’s Formula and Foil Class Kiteboard racing North American Championships were held from the 7th to the 10th on the beaches of Coronado Shores. Organized and put on by the San Diego Yacht Club of America’s Cup fame, the event draws almost all of the most outstanding competitors in the sport each year. The “Coronado Roads” area was the actual site of the races.

San Diego water usage lower by 4% in September


There is continued good news on the water conservation front in San Diego County. We all drank up and washed down less water last month, less by a respectable 4% descrease, than during September last year. In San Diego city, usage fell 4.2% since August 2013. In the longer term San Diego County has cut down water consumption by 20% over the past 7 years.

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