San Diego State will open branches in Republic of Georgia


SDSU will be opening three campuses in the Republic of Georgia soon. In partnership with three Georgian colleges: Ilia State University, Tbilisi State University and Georgian Technical University; San Diego State will be overseeing branches concentrating on math, technology, science and engineering.

Kashi heads back to San Diego


After leaving La Jolla more than a year ago, health-oriented food company Kashi is returning to America’s Finest City.

Five things you can do for your garden to save water in San Diego County


As we continue to face drought conditions here in San Diego, and restrictions on watering become more stringent, there are some methods to use to retain your garden, while using less water. Many of us may be using almost twice as much water as we actually need to maintain our gardens. Indeed, most plants and […]

Dealing with wild pig scrounging in San Diego County


Meeting at their regularly scheduled Wednesday session, the Board of Supervisors of San Diego County passed, with no dissenting votes, the implementation of a program aimed at reducing the number of wild pigs in the county. The vote also gave park directors authorization to allow firearms to be deployed against aggresive, non-indigenous wildlife that have been seen destroying the region’s natural ecology.

Humphreys chef Paul Murphy competes on Cutthroat Kitchen


One of San Diego’s own will appear on The Food Network this weekend. Paul Murphy, the sharp-tongued toque who’s ruled the culinary roost at Humphreys for the past 13 years, will compete on The Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen.

San Diego plan: Zero waste by 2040


San Diego has begun a process of meetings and discussions to get to the point of zero waste by 2040. City officials hope to be recycling 100% of waste within twenty-six years. The current percentage of waste re-used stands at a respectable 68%.

Leopard sharks spotted off La Jolla coast


If you find yourself swimming in the surf at La Jolla Shores, you will also find yourself swimming with the sharks. But, no need to worry, these are relative benign sharks, at least to humans. In fact the leopard sharks currently found in large numbers off our coast are much more afraid of us than we need to be of them.

San Diego Tracking Team teaches volunteers to track wild animals in areas of San Diego


The San Diego Zoo and the Zoo Safari Park are wonderful places to interact with wild animals, but did you know there are other opportunities to be had right out in the urban metropolitan environment of America’s Finest City itself? The San Diego Tracking Team offers just such a wild experience.

105 year old’s first pitch prefaces near no-hitter


We all remember that 1909 baseball season, right? Ty Cobb batting for a .377 season average, with a league leading 7 home runs, the Pirates winning their first World Series, those were the days. Well, Agnes McKee of Oceanside may not remember that baseball season, but she was actually around for it.

UCSD research finds genetic basis of friendships


When it comes to friendship, do opposites attract? Or are we more like our friends than we think? According to recent studies done by researchers at both UCSD and Yale, unrelated friends have a genetic makeup as similar as those whose great grandparents have the same grandparents.

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