Band to watch: J. Thoven

Photo by Esteban Alvarado

Long gone are the days when your parents used to cringe at hearing your indie rock records playing from the hallway, a genre trapped in the realm of scratchy recordings made in dirty garages. The new indie is, in a word, multifaceted. The genre can cover anything from coffee shop tunes loved by acoustic nuts […]

A night lit up with Stars: Canadian indie pop in San Diego

Stars at the House of Blues, San Diego on October 17th

The Canadian co-ed band, Stars, can be described as eclectic, with hits that border on sickly sweet love songs (“Do You Want to Die Together?”) to others that chastise the portrayal of desperate, promiscuous girls in a clever way (“We Don’t Want Your Body”), and everything in between. It is not a surprise with the versatility of their music that they have stated a wide ranging amount of influences for the inspiration behind their music, including The Smiths and Outkast.

The Wombats: A new take on British pop in San Diego

The Wombats at The House of Blues, San Diego on Oct. 1st

There was a touch of British sarcasm and charm that graced the stage at The House of Blues on Monday October 1st, in the form of the indie pop band, The Wombats. After an almost immediate claim to fame from their first album, they released This Modern Glitch a few years later in 2011, with similar synthetic beats and catchy ironic pop; albeit with a set of more profound lyrics that tackle darker themes.

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